Thursday, May 11, 2017

One More Day One More Trump Betrayal

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I wonder how long it will be, before Donald Trump sets up an aborticide clinic in the East Wing and starts confiscating guns in the West Wing, because when Donald Trump breaks his promise on DACA and on Climate Change, everything else his lips moved on, are just more negotiating points.

Oddly while we  were looking at the Paris Accords, in carbon taxes, Donald Trump had Rex Tillerson making treaties with not just Russia and all of the nations which border the Arctic, but for some globalist reason of elevating Indians to the same standing as Moscow and Oslo, Rex Tillerson signed a treaty with Indians, which is a most dangerous encroachment on the Sovereignty of the United States, as it is one thing to make a treaty with an aboriginal as a ward of the United States Government and an entirely different matter putting Eskimos on the same standing as Canada.

US signs international declaration on climate change despite Trump's past statements
While President Trump has talked tough in the past about his skeptical views on climate change, his administration appears to be taking a more cautious approach to the issue on the world stage in the early days of his presidency.
U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson signed a document today calling climate change a “serious threat” to the Arctic and noting the need for action to reduce its potentially harmful effects.
The document, known as the Fairbanks Declaration, concluded Tillerson’s chairing of a meeting of the Arctic Council, a board made up of indigenous groups and the eight countries bordering the Arctic, in Fairbanks, Alaska.

This is about money as it always is. This is about Trump's Goldman Sachs monopoly leading him around in the wheeler dealer thinking that by protecting the Arctic from melting (A 100 year ice age is coming) that the Russians can be checked from getting oil.

But break your word to Americans, disappoint American again, and screw Americans over so they never trust you as keeping your word doesn't matter..........just firing Comey to stoke the base up to blindly follow the President again in accepting one more betrayal, as it all keeps slip sliding away.

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