Monday, May 8, 2017

Puntz Love

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I never have been a cat person, even if cats like me. The thing is with this bobtail Manx or bobcat we have, I really do not know quite what they are, because My Uncle had them, and all I had were glimpses of them.
Scaramouche before I shot him for his killing numbers of other cats, was a cat you could look at and never touch.
I know now that if the Puntz was outside that she would be a cat I would never be able to touch, as she is about half wild animal.

As I type this my wrist and hand are pock marked by claws and fangs, because Puntz is a claw and fang cat. She is a sword fang cat in every form.
She was in a mood, because TL and I went for a drive, and Puntz misses us. There is usually a ritual where I chase her, pick her up, and pet her as she makes alley cat sound and then sprints away to return immediately to lay at my feet or bite me or claw me, depending on her mood. She means absolutely no harm, but I do bleed and it is her way of expressing herself as she picks up a great deal of the emotions from the hateful people on this blog and that is the way she deals with it all.

The other morning I got up and she was pleased, and in play mode in savaging me again with claw and fang. I was trying to get dressed and go outside where the other animals could do what they do from spurring me to Daisy running away in chase me games, that Puntz does what she does to surprise me in running up to the back of the sofa and as I pass by, she bites me in the ass.
This has happened 3 times now, and of course only to me. It is her way of saying I am special to her.

With Mom, Special means Puntz purrs, which she never does with me. With TL it is string playtime where Puntz fetches things like a dog for TL. With me, it is this alley cat growling, then sedately looking over her domain as she grabs me and bites and claws for a few moments, and then lets go in her psyche mode, and surveys and we do this until she probably is full of blood and skin.
I can honestly bend down and try to put this howling cat down, but that is not what she wants in the least. This is how she expresses her affection to me and I always sympathize and tell her it is so difficult being more beautiful than Audrey Hepburn.

She has evolved to pouncing like a cobra now, and an 8 pound kitty striking with fang and full body weight does get your attention. As I said, this is not your normal cat as we have them around this place. This is this breed which you catch glimpses of them outside, and if Puntz could have survived outside, she would have been a black streak at feeding time and that would have been her.

If you ever heard that cat on Star Trek with Gary Seven, that is a great deal in how Puntz sounds. Add a bit more growling and that is her. Of course I pick on her as it delights me, as she hates having her tummy rubbed by me, so I rub that in petting and get howls, and I laugh. I can not help it for all the scabs on my body for being good to her, as she is the perfect cat personified in touch me do not touch me.

I know if people would come over, that she would disappear, as when the window is open the outside sounds trouble her and she retreats. She knows us, and that is as stranger as it gets for her wanting anything foreign around.

I think I would have liked a regular cat which cuddled and things, but this quirky cat pleases me more as I never know what she is going to do from attacking me, to being nice, to missing me to running away from me. After the bloodletting episode she came in and laid sleeping on my feet. She simply defies all logic except for a cat, and Puntz is about 1000 proof more unique as a cat so she can not be ever figured out.

......and of course she takes after me.