Thursday, May 18, 2017

Slow Ride

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am a bit confused in having been one of the founders of the Obama Resistance, when Lawrence Sinclair took it upon himself to be a rugged individual for America and tell the truth about Barry Obama in connection with sodomite activities, that how this all became the Birther and then the Tea Party and then the Trump Movement, how it is two people who anyone has barely heard of are now the leaders of the movement.

Casandra Fairbanks
Fairbanks, like Cernovich, is a leader in the Deplorable movement, a once-fringe faction of the fractious right that sprang up to defend then-candidate Trump from his many detractors in the Republican Party and beyond. Fairbanks and Cernovich both parlayed their online followings — Fairbanks has more than 95,000 Twitter followers — into real-life cache and influence.

I honestly do not know this woman, but then I do not know all of these bandwagon bouncers who jumped on the hayride after others built the road, which includes Mike Pence to Sean Spicer.
It is like this Mike Cernovich, yeah he would have been good at the GOP Chair, but he did not want to work, when it seems he tracks everything from Peter Thiel sodomy to that Kushner faction, as he gets into the White House and with that whore's nest he has not produced anything worth reading on Twitter.

Oh, he did publish today about .......well this is the photo of his anus in the face story which along with his Japanese porn star, makes me wonder what the gorilla is up to.

The thing is, Gorilla Monsoon was posting about an exclusive he had today, the thing is I posted on this exclusively back in February, the thing is GM was bitching about some MSM stealing his stuff last week and now what is this anus in the face artwork. It is like I can not turn around without being assaulted by tits knocking me over or smothered by anus pillows while online.
There is just something in forensic psychology of how does now equate a May Massacre with all that anus in your face.

Director of Presidential Personnel is a Purportedly a Trump ...

Johnny DeStefano, head of personnel and policy for President Donald Trump, ... But- this was called out by LameCherry back on Feb 22. https: ...

It is all puzzling to me, because Mike Cernovich has this hotter than Thai pepper wife. I don't know the woman and do not even know her name. It is like though with all that loveliness, why is she not press passing into the White House as the Assistant to the Primate. I am certain she could uncover lots of stories. I for one would love to see her licking frosting in the White House kitchen as she uncovers White House intrigue, lounging by the White House pool, as she uncovers White House intrigue, or she takes some sun on the White House lawn, as she uncovers White House intrigue.
I mean seriously, this woman is not going to be stopped by the Secret Service from entering anywhere as they will all be disarmed by the grandeur of her beauty and stunned by how someone hotter than Thai peppers is this brilliant.
I think it was GM who posted awhile back that he didn't marry for love, but for common thought.

It reminds me of Richard Harris in Unforgiven, in how one simply trembles at the sight of royalty in being in awe of it, and how everyone would simply be in awe of Mrs. Cernovich as her photos are not off putting like the artwork or the new leaders of the deplorables.

I do wonder if Mike Cernovich has a floating car or if this is his boat. See the 57 Chevy I think was water tight and you could drive it into the water.....or at least a friend of mine told me he drove his care into the lake and was driving it around. I do not think there was a padded lounge though on a 57 Chevy.
That must be hotter than hell on a California day. Probably could cook supper in a well like that, at least a slow cooker.

Sister that woman is like Huma Abedin in she has legs from here to the Middle East.

See what I mean in how perfect Mrs. Gorilla Monsoon would be as a reporter at the White House in she just distracts you..........ole Reince Priebus would probably get his tongue caught in his smart phone while leaking to Bush fam, and short circuit himself, like a taser, and Robert Mueller would waltz in and catch Reince red handed or smoked tongue......probably burn the incriminating text right onto his uvula......something about, Mike Pence for President if we can coup the Donald.

Anyway, Dick Morris is right as was posted here. Mueller is going to be nothing but trouble as he is there to blackmail or impeach, as this should have been mandated a REVIEW of 30 days and then shut down the Comey year longer, as it is this will probably run to 2018 with an indictment to throw the elections for Clinton and Bush fam, for a 2019 impeachment to force Trump out and Pence in.......and Jeb Bush onto the Vice Presidential slot.

The President needs to go long ball stealth now or the next time Ivanka sees her children will be after a 20 year prison sentence and they are married off to a Muslim harem.

Let's sing and celebrate............

Slow Ride- Foghat (Full Version) - YouTube

Slow ride, take it easy - Slow ride, take it easy, ... Mix - Slow Ride- Foghat (Full Version) YouTube; Ted Nugent - Stranglehold - Duration: 8:25.

Oh this addition, as I almost forgot....

You know that chum who made New York mutton on the street today?

Did you catch the dude beefcaker who arrested? Man talk about Jan Michael Vincent as an adult with the bitchin' stache on the lip. I want this guy to be hired by Donald Trump like Super Secret Service with license to kill like 007. Any coup plotter would be proud to be shot by law enforcement this hunkster. Be lining up around the block and who needs Robert Mueller with a man like this around protecting President Trump.