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The Murder of Italian and American Leaders

What was the roll of America in the Murder of a World Leader

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Murder matters, whether it is Obama and Clinton's Muslims beating, sodomizing, torturing and murdering Col. Khadaffi in Libya to the Obama Navy SEALS rushing to canoe the head of someone said be bin Laden, canoeing meaning shooting a human in the face with a high powered slug so it splits the head open, and deprives every family on 9 11 from closure.

In 1945, in Italy an event took place by communists there which was a crime against humanity, as much as the murder of Col. Khadaffi and all of his followers, and no one has ever questioned what the American part was in the murder of Benito Mussolini who was the deposed leader of Italy.

Mussolini was attempting to flee with his German rescuers in order to find safety in Spain. The Italian "partisans" though stopped the group and would only allow the Germans to leave the area. It was specifically noted that the Italian fascists would not be allowed to leave the area.

In visiting the reality of this, we know all across Europe that American and British intelligence as involved with partistans on the ground and equipping them.
We know that British OSE and American OSS, were via 15th Army Group in direct communications and direct arming of these "partisans", who were anarchists and communists. To put it plainly, on April 28th the Liberation Committee in realizing it had captured Mussolini and the fascist leadership, held a secret meeting where it was ordered to execute every man, woman and child in the group who had been part of the Italian regime from 1922 to 1943.
There was direct communication with the British and Americans via radio, so both governments knew exactly what was talking place, because the Americans were within rifle distance when the events took place as American First Armored Division was making contact.

15th Army Group - Wikipedia

The 15th Army Group was an army group of British and American field armies that included corps, divisions and brigades from numerous Allied forces (Canada, Indian ...
 There is something strange in this, as 15th Army was comprised of numerous allies, and oddly the division which was closing on Mussolini was 1st Armored, but that was a Reserve Division.

Army Group Reserve

The American in direct command was:

US 15th Army Group.png 15th Army Group - (General Sir Harold Alexander

The Allied commander was:

US 15th Army Group.png 15th Army Group - (General Sir Harold Alexander

Alexander was the royal political officer in the English army.

The following photo clearly reveals that Americans were on site, where Mussolini, his mistress and 13 others had been murdered. The photo is grisly in the fact that after the murder of Mussolini and these Italians, the communists and anarchists beat, stomped on, and kicked the corpses to a hamburger state.
The Americans in the photo are deemed to be with the American 91st Recon in advance of American forces, whose main purpose was to make physical contact with armed resistance as they were in the advance.

This is a damning photo of American Soldiers standing with murderers, as bodies hang as trophies and are scattered on the street. For the 91st to have entered unchallenged, proves there was direct contact with the murderers, as the Americans were known to be willingly complicit in this mass murder.

Luigi Longo 1979.jpg

Communist Luigi Longo

We know that Mussolini's last hours for certain. He was in hiding with his mistress, expecting to escape when Luigi Longo, a communist who later led Italy, appeared, lied to the couple in telling them he was escorting them to safety. He drove them to a stone wall, where they were stood up and murdered.

What followed later was the public posing of Mussolini with a scepter, before the communist mob went into frenzy and battered the corpses of the Italian leadership.

This display when it reached Adolf Hitler, set into motion the greatest hoax in history, when Martin Bormann engineered the escape of Hitler and his wife Eva, along with the inner circle of Reich leadership, as Hitler was not to be subjected to the communist butchery as Mussolini was.

The rule of law, was nothing for Franklin Roosevelt and Joe Stalin. The Americans could have secured Mussolini, but did not make this an order for Stalin's communists operating in Italy. This would degrade to the later mass rape of German females by the Soviets and the American concentration camps administered by Dwight Eisenhower for Harry Truman in the death by exposure of 7 to 13 million Germans.

The British were in command of this operation as were their intelligence. What requires examination and disclosure is were the Americans patsies in  cover for this mass murder as the British hung back and enjoyed the blood bath, or was there a direct complicity by the Americans.

For those who are ignorant of the real history, the following revelations included the Vatican and organized crime in the Americans operations in Italy.

In late 1942, Washington received an improbable offer from the Vatican.
A high Papal Secretariat offered to furnish first hand information on strategic bombing targets in Japan. The roundabout transfer of documents took only days and became known as the Vessell project. In Rome, the project was headed by Cardinal Monsignor Giovanni Battista Montini, who later became Pope Paul VI. On the OSS side the project was headed by Earl Brennan, a State Department veteran and Republican member of the New Hampshire legislator. Brennan had befriended the leaders of the powerful Italian Masonic Order when he was assigned to the American embassy in Italy during the first year of Mussolini’s rule.
Brennan had also befriended some of the leaders of the Italian Mafia that had been exiled in Canada. David Bruce, the OSS chief in London and the husband of Paul Mellon’s sister, Ailsa thought Brennan’s connections would be useful and was the one who recruited Brennan into the OSS.
Following the Torch landings in North Africa Brennan decided to send some of his agents into Algiers to begin planning for the infiltration operations of Italy. One of his agents was denied a passport by the State Department because of his past subversive activities. Brennan then checked with Martin Dies, the chairman of the House Un-American Activities Committee as to why the passport was rejected. On investigation, it was determined that the agent had been labeled as a subversive because he had provided legal counsel for a union strike in which the management had labeled as communist inspired. Once the offending remark was removed Brennan’s agents then departed for North Africa in early 1943.
Following their departure for North Africa, Brennan’s remaining staff became occupied with the Vessell project. However, OSS responsibilities for Italian espionage were preempted by the Office of Naval Intelligence. A mysterious deal had been reached with the American Mafia. The notorious mobster, Lucky Luciano would be paroled, in return for which the Mafia agreed to use its criminal syndicate in Sicily. This deal was arranged by Assistant New York District Attorney, Murray Gurfein. Gurfein would later become an OSS colonel in Europe. Brennan was kept only partially informed of the developments at the insistence of Major George White, director of counter espionage training and a veteran official of the federal Narcotics Bureau. Was the OSS setting up a drug smuggling operation here as they did in Southeast Asia?
While much interest was put forth on the Vessel Project, but the source was never checked out thoroughly, and was proven later to be false, causing much embarrassment to the OSS. On March 13, 1945, the House military affairs committed announced it was investigating the loyalty of fourteen soldiers who were labeled as communists. Among the fourteen was Lt. Irving Goff. Goff had left wing sympathies and had been ordered to make contact with the communist cells after the fall of Naples in late 1943. Once the contact was made, following orders, he turned it over to his commanding officer. The Goff mission was to set up contacts with the communist cells in northern Italy and to obtain OSS safe houses. By all standards, this was an outstanding success. Some concerns arose in 1945 in military circles that Goff’s agents were using the clandestine network to pass communist propaganda although no evidence of such surfaced. Charges and counter charges flowed back and forth between the military and the OSS. In the end Donovan was forced to have Goff and his men sent back to the United States in June although no evidence ever existed that they allowed communist propaganda to flow on the network they had set up.
Of all the behind the lines missions in northern Italy the communist cells were the most active and fiercest. Mussolini was captured by a communist cell. Networks in northern Italy aligned under other political lines were less effective and in many cases inactive. The participation of the communist cells was crucial for the success of the last offensive launched in northern Italy on April 1, 1945. This offensive involved first a massive bombardment followed by and assault by the Fifth Army. A massive insurrection by partisan forces was crucial to the success of this plan.
Many of those forces were first contacted and armed by Goff's group. Over 180,000 partisans had been trained by allied forces to attack the rear of German forces once the offensive started.  The success of the offensive allowed allied forces to drive into Austria ahead of Soviet forces.

If one compiles all of this data, a most troubling sequence of events beginning linking up, in communists associated with Moscow, were aided by American intelligence, and into this was brought the Vatican, organized crime in Sicily, Canada and America, all of whom have a common denominator in Joseph Kennedy. So this point jells in the psyche, were the events which caused the murder of Benito Mussolini in 1945 setting the stage for the murder of John Kennedy in 1963?

The fact is what took place in Dallas 1963 has it's roots in 1945 in Dongo Italy.

What happens when it becomes politically expedient to murder a national leader. 1945, 1963, May 2011 in bin Laden and  October 2011 in Khadaffi are the result.

When will the connections be investigated?

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