Friday, May 19, 2017

Steven Seagal won the 2016 Election

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

If I did not have enough reasons to hate Steven Seagal, here is Steven Seagal with his best friend Vladimir Putin.
Then this sucks too as I like Gérard Depardieu and Vladimir Putin is best friends with him too...........and President Putin hands out like Russian  Citizenship to them, hangs out with them and thinks of Putin as a brother.

 Seagal is best-known for starring in blockbusters such as 1992's Under Siege  and 1990's Hard to Kill. In 2015, Seagal and other actors - including Gérard Depardieu - were included on a proposed blacklist a of foreign cultural figures who 'speak out in support of violating the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine'

Seagal even gets banned by Ukraine for backing Crimea choosing Russian statehood. I mean I think I have done all of this stuff, and I don't get dit. I mean like how cool would it be to be hanging with Putin, and getting a Russian passport.
I did all that shit for Trump and I never got no American passport, got to hang at Mar Largo or even eat beautiful chocolate cake. All Trump hangs with are bitchweeds like terrorist Xi and slum lord Kushner.

Putin gets all the best friends, so I suppose that is why Trump only has the skanks left and has to bait them in with chocolate cake. Don't see Putin needing the sweets to get great guys to hang out with him.

All of that and Ukraine bans you from going there. I mean is that not something every aspires to in being banned from Ukraine? I mean who wants to get into Ukraine. That is like wanting to be hanging out with Michelle Obama's tampon box for friends.

See no appeal at all.

Not that I wouldn't take Ukraine as like a parting gift or have it around to piss of Poland, but like Vladimir Putin could at least make room for a popular girl. I mean geez louise, how about a moorhun hunt for a popular girl at least.

So any way, Steven Seagal won the 2016 election. I didn't know Vladimir Putin was on the prize list.