Saturday, May 27, 2017

Taking a Shot at Lame Cherry

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This post appeared in Facebook as an example of the ignorance I have to deal with in the keyboard commandos.

The purpose of the article in question was removing the disaster of ATF, which mixes the taxes of alcohol, tobacco, firearms, and now with explosives, in the firearms part to be admistered by the one successful agency the government has in handing guns to Americans in the Director of Civilian Marksmanship program in the DCM.

Nowhere in the article do I call for regulations or the DCM to start keeping files on people, and yet the keyboard commando accuses me of this, because that is the type of asstard I continually have to deal with on this blog in people who have no reading comprehension and take it upon themselves to critique commentary which they are unqualified for.

The effects of these asstards take their toll and I really do not care about saving America from the grave any longer. The majority made this crypt and are busy destroying the few positives of the Lord's work, so they can deal with the implosion of civilization in their rhetoric, as I am standing back so the deadbeats can all be washed away to the dinosaur fossil graveyard of Darwin candidates. 

Lame Cherry: May 25, 2017

... and that should be DCM, the Director of Civilian Marksmanship should absorb that part of BATFE. ... So the Lame Cherry solution is to end the BATFE, ...

I make the point if you are going to joust with me, at least prepare for it, as you end up being exposed for how ignorant you are.

Eric Pierce: While I agree in principal with this article, the idea that the Civilian Marksmanship Program which is was created by Teddy Roosevelt to PROMOTE MARKSMANSHIP AMONG AMERICAN CIVILIANS should be tasked with any sort of regulatory function is ludicrous. It is thanks to the CMP that America has the most highly trained and practiced civilian marksmanship population in the world. As Yamamoto is reputed to have warned the Japanese when they considered launching an attack on mainland America, "There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass." While Yamamoto probably didn't actually say this, the point should be well taken. Americans, thanks in large part to the CMP, can SHOOT!

For a critique of the above in Eric Pierce, when you cast stones, the word is PRINCIPLE when you lecture at me and smear me, and not PRINCIPAL which is an occupation. Again, the Lame Cherry never mentioned ANY regulatory function by CMP. That is your asstard jumping to conclusion in not being able to comprehend what was written.

Furthermore the CMP is not responsible in the least for training Americans. It is an isolated program for the people with money and connections. My purpose is to make a gun dispenser to the masses. The reason Americans had marksmanship was cheap ammunition, quality handguns, objects to hunt and targets to shoot in parlors and a government which promoted a cheap gun policy as before Teddy Roosevelt, America was not prone to fund a huge standing army.

So Eric Pierce, GET OFF THIS BLOG AND STAY OFF THIS BLOG. And finally, Eric Pierce GO BLOG YOURSELF as your asstard ignorance is what brought America to this grave and now you can lead and make the decisions when the people turn to you, but when that time comes you will be like the rest of the mob, not having an answer, because you destroyed the venues God provided to rectify the situation.

Oh and Eric Pierce in the short list check of donors, your name does not appear in the past 3 years. Yes you have resources for expensive guns and ammo, you have money for expensive internet, you have money to sit on your ass and smear me, but you have absolutely no character in stealing from God in the work He accomplishes through me on this blog.

As I ordered before, GET OFF THIS BLOG and take with you the other ilk which is ignorant as sin.