Saturday, May 27, 2017

A Thank You

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

TL showed  me a kind post on Facebook this morning from a reader who appreciated the posts on Seth Rich. I wanted to thank them for that and for the few others who have been supportive this past month as I keep thinking if I work harder then dreams will come true, but in fact for the few who appreciate what appears here, the world is full of deadbeats. So I am going to go back to 3 posts a day in whatever moves me by God.

It has been sort of on hold here in evil things. I dislike disruption of flow and one disruption was getting Mom's driver's license renewed, in there is now a stipulation in older drivers have to have an eye test that is what I was messing around with. She sort of scared me two days ago in she passed out and I had to pick her up. She is an ornery woman, low blood sugar, does not drink enough water, and so got up and blacked out. But we have her driver's license coming and that is that.

For TL, just like me, got a summons to appear for jury duty. That was not going to work as perfume is  toxic in closed spaces, and TL is still healing over that bronchial irritation, so that in prayer was kindly worked out with God and a medical condition release was awarded.

I just would like to be left in peace and this drama ended. For me I sit with a heating pad on my back and eat ibuprofen like candy. Had a relapse on my back in a spams  that I thought ended it for me, but things are sorting out to at least do things. Was hurt, but had to lift a baby calf that of course satan had out of the pasture, and that is what started that adventure.......pissy cold weather here that is wet, and I am behind on everything.

The horses in prayer thankfully have recovered and are moving which I am thankful for. It would nice to get ahead of things, but that will probably come when I cease the Spiritual protection of this leadership. I did not sign up for Lilith and Madonna. It feels like something is generating out there in the matrix and that is not my problem. Maybe the big donations will appear when the fear of God gets put into the deadbeats.

Baby Belle and Daisy are in top form. If we had our place I would AI them in August for miniature calves next summer. Now I do not even know if I am going to get turkeys, as Thanksgiving of course died and June is old and I am afraid a  gobbler would pound the hell out of her. Things always look better in warmer weather.

Saved some baby goslings, which follow us around. Was an ordeal which I might write about. I dislike posting things here as the evil people read things, and then like all those baby apple trees I had, they die for no reason, as the filth of this world is spiking like the northern lights.

It is wet here.  I asked an old neighbor the other day....she is around 80 if she ever saw so much water standing in fields, and she said she had not. I am amused as the million dollar farmers in 4000 dollar an acre land, hundreds of dollars per acre in putting in a crop, the Trump administration not fixing prices for profit, all means no new pick ups or tractors this year.....scowling farmers, and bankers bitching at farmers who took loans out, and hopefully defaults and land prices will fall. It is ok as they have cell phones to text each other on and never get dirty for their million dollar debt.
I smile at the children of my rich neighbor. They were constantly being pests over here driving by all the time in new pickups........that stopped last year as prices fell, and I have not seen them at all this year. Not so much fun in farming or livestock when all you have is debt.

I am thankful for the few good people out there who do read this blog. It is effectively blocked from Russia and China...well one main server in China, and that is the censorship which this blog deals with by the intelligence community. I am though pulling back to three posts again as it does not matter and the sooner this reaches Biblical proportions the sooner Christ returns and things will be all smiles for the children of God.

My Sabbath plan after worship is a nap today, and it is already afternoon.

Oh and that Seth Rich things, when I was trying to poke around in the alley where the ambush was, everything went haywire and the computer froze. Things were running slower in that series, as in someone was very interested in what was being posted. Such a corrupt country America is. Perhaps a Samuel will anoint a Saul like my Bible reading was just now.