Saturday, May 27, 2017

Thank you to Debbie

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

One of the friends of this blog kindly passed this along and I share it as I appreciate it.

LC, I know you probably already know this, but have to tell you what happened to me with ibuprofen.

Was using it liberally for back pain. Then my eGFR dropped from 80's to 30's in a about 6 months. Had no idea it was the ibuprofen until I met a doctor that knew about anti-inflammatory drugs affecting kidneys.

I stopped ibuprofen and kidneys are recovering and back to high 60's. Easier said than done when you're in pain I know. Just please be careful.

PS: I'm older than you so you probably have more grace time to take the meds

I am giggling at the above, because as I was candy eating ibuprofen I heard a report that the Nsads line cause heart attacks in a significant population group. So I am feeling like my back is trying to vomit me out of my body in tensing up before spasming, and I can either die of a heart attack or die from pain. That amuses me and Debbie made it better in the kidney function. It reminds me of that line from the Lion in Winter, "Why ask how the air is, when it is all that there is to breathe".

I have been suffering from a sinusitis the past months, and for the first time, ibuprofen is not knocking it out of me. Before that it was my wonder painkiller. Although when I had severe inflammation in my more salad days, the doctor did give me Aleve. Those were like 1500 mg horse pills, but they worked for swelling in the allergies better. They just take so much longer to work.

Sorry there was a delay in the Puntz made a running slash at me two nights ago with her fangs and raked my arm and it got infected in two spots and I decided to pop the two spots. I should have known when I accused her of being a rabid cat when I carried her around in one hand and she would go wild eyed on me, that we had a cat with attitude. She does not have a mean bone in her body, but is plagued by a DNA that is wild animal like a lynx cat would be. She just is not a cuddler, but is affectionate in her own way. Gets testy when I am not around and has to protest to have me chase her around to prove I love her.

Any way, I suppose my mixing whiskey and coke with ibuprofen is probably not something I should engage in too often either. Caffeine helps with the headaches and the soda helps the stomach upset.

I can plainly see now that I should prescribe quantities of red beer to flush out my kidneys as the acid and beer will help I would think. I know it makes me sound like a boozer, but in a 12 pack of Coors I bought around the Christmas misery of dead cows and calves, we have shared 3 beers so I sort of doubt the alcoholic title is something I will be auditioning for.

I do take the warning serious though from Debbie and I appreciate her caring about me and taking the time to tell me to stop acting like a 2 year old with the orange flavored aspirin. No I never did that, but I did at age 5 I think prescribe blackberry brandy for myself as the adults always engaged in that medicine for coughs.

God bless the people who care for they have fulfilled the beatitudes of Christian love.

Older means more intelligent than the kid who thinks she knows everything taking a generic advil every time she hit the asstard key.