Sunday, May 28, 2017

3 Degrees of Separation

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As a treat or torture we picked up for 2 dollars in the junk store, so it is shared here in How The West Was Won.

Honestly, the movie dies about the time that Gregory Peck shows up. Karl Malden and Robert Preston are very good, but it just dies during a stupid Indian raid.

Fortunately in this review, there is something interesting in two women Carolyn Jones and Yvonne De Carlo.

Yvonne De Carlo

Most of you will not know these women, but if I were to say Adams Family and Munsters, you would know Carolyn Jones as Morticia Adams and Yvonne De Carlo as Lily.
I never did get that dueling horror comedies on the networks in that era of CBS and NBC, but I hated the Munsters and grew fond of the Adams Family, because John Asten was just amusing to me and I still laugh thinking about him. It was Asten's greatest roll.
If you suffered through that 5000 hour movie Lord of the Rings, Sean Asten who is his son, stars there.

Any way, the connection in this is De Carlo whose husband was a stunt man in How the West, and he was severely injured in a train scene where logs rolled on his leg, crushed it, and it had to be amputated. Ms. De Carlo actually took off work for years to nurse her husband back to health. For that she earns the amazing wife status as you can not think of any modern actresses or actors who would be that selfless.
She was also Moses wife in the 10 Commandments.

Carolyn Jones

In West, Carolyn Jones would play Julie Rawlings, married to George Pepard who just sucked. Pepard was with Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's........he played a man whore there.

To me it is fascinating that connection in this movie and in their later rolls of competing horror queens of the small screen.

Antoinette Bower

Oh if you were around for the Bell family's rendition of Capitol, which was before Bold and Beautiful, Carolyn Jones played the head mother of that political dynasty, until she died from cancer, and then Marj Dusay took over the role. You will have seen Dusay in Star Trek in Spoc's Brain and on Hogan's Heroes where she was a fantastic guest star, like another starlet, Antoinette Bower , who played in Catspaw. On Heroes she played Klink's love interest who loved bald men, and she was perfectly hilarious.

Marj Dusay

That is enough of the filler, because what do you think  this is, a movie critic's review.

The three degrees of separation.