Wednesday, May 3, 2017

The excitement builds for Hillary 2020

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By now everyone can feel the excitement of Hillary Clinton 2020, as we all realize that if Mrs. Clinton had, had the election a week early, that like Jimmy Carter against Reagan, HW Bush losing to Bill Clinton, that Hamrod would now be President.........never mind that every election has a 10 point swing the last days that elect the President as people are swayed to or for a candidate.
But we do not want to deal with political reality, as this is Hamrod 2020, and shattering what is left of America for riots and war, is all that matters, as long as Hillary Clinton can sit her fat ass in the Oval Office as President, instead of looking around at the semen on the carpet and wondering which mouth on Bill's cock produced that crusty spot.

She pointed to numbers guru Nate Silver of FiveThirtyEight and said it was his assessment that had the election been held on October 27, she would have won.

The thing is, is that Hillary Clinton has no sense in knowing enough to stay away to let the wound of her heal. People are just tired of her from 2008, and instead of allowing a recovery period, she is back, and back with a book for this fall which no one will read, and back on the stage whining about being a sore loser who was not bright enough to steal elections from Obama and Trump.
The reality is Hillary Clinton looks like a snarling osteroporis buddha who if you rubbed her tummy, the alien from alien would burst forth and eat you as Hillary Clinton just gives the impression of being the mother of all evil.

The problem is that Richard Nixon had enough sense when he had an election stolen from him by John Kennedy to shut up and go away for almost 10 years. Granted Hamrod Clinton is so ancient she does not have 10 years in her to bank or borrow on, but all the same this woman can not let the sore she infected into liberals heal for 10 months, 10 weeks or 10 days, because every time liberals begin to mend with an Elizabeth Warren speaking to the Obama forgotten and Clinton neglected voters, here come Hillary Clinton again with her three themes for 2020:

1. Putin stole the election.
2. Donald Trump is illegitimate
3. American men and women hate women, so misogyny is what defeated Hamrod.

During her tenure as secretary of state, Putin, who had been term limited as president and was serving a prime minister, decided to run for the presidency once again in 2012, in an election that Clinton described as 'rigged.' 
'We do speak about rigged elections, that kind of goes with the territory,' she said of her job as secretary of state. 'At least, we did prior to this administration,' she said, digging at team Trump.  
'So I did say it was an illegitimate election and it had been rigged,' Clinton explained. 'I wasn't telling hundreds of thousands, even millions of Russian something they didn't know.'
But Putin, she said, blamed her for the demonstrations. 
'So it kind of went downhill from there,' she said.
Imagine that, in President Vladimir Putin does not like the idea of his head on pike from Hillary Nazi's parading through Moscow, funded by the CIA and directed by MI6. That certainly would not give the Kremlin and FSB any incentive at all in feeding Mrs. Clinton's operatives Pissgate revelations and playing on her every paranoia.

There was a reality in 2020 that Hillary Clinton was going to do it her way, with no men around. She hired that fag Robbie Mook, hired that weeper girl whiner group, kept Huma around to pretend Hillary was not crusty snatched, and John Podesta was allowed to look but not touch.
The worst of it is, her greatest political asset in Bill Clinton who kept warning of Brexit coming to America, was ignored, as was the entire DNC from top down. Every one of them knew that Hamrod was in big trouble by the trends and one astute operative even warned to add at least 4 points to Donald Trump's real polling numbers, instead of the fake ones, and those were the real polling numbers, and Donald Trump was always in striking distance.
Striking distance in any campaign for President is 10 points. The last week whichever way the election breaks it goes for that candidate.

All of that is too much for Hillary Clinton though as she seethes and oozes loss every day. She is defined by her failure that she could not flip, steal and fraud enough votes to beat Donald Trump. The reality is Donald Trump won this election by an immense margin and it was only "close" because of all the election fraud. That is why the Democrats in Virginia were sounding the alarms on election eve, because Donald Trump almost won that top loaded Democrat state. They knew if Trump was that close, he was going to win the election, and they were right.

And the wrong was Robbie Mook, who like the Great Oz was behind the curtain, non stop telling Hillary the electronic screens all said they loved her, every time she said Mirror Mirror on the wall, but the handwriting was on the wall that America did not like this woman and never did like this woman.

It became worse after the election in Chelsea Clinton was supposed to hold up her end to run in 2020 or at least prepare the way for her sick old mum, but her incessantly stupid tweets ruined that brand, and Hillary Clinton had to go put on more face paint to such a weight to bend her buddha over, that Hamrod had to try and salvage things again.

I mean nothing is more telling than Huma Abedin appears in public after all she has gone through, looking gorgeous as always.........

.......and then out pops Hamrod looking like the mummy from an old Egyptian tomb.

Clinton claimed that 'had the election been on October 27 I'd be your president,' citing statistics from Nate Silver's website and pointing to the James Comey letter that she believed help derail her campaign 

The world is a place that like the dinosaur, it has passed Hillary Clinton by........several times, but she keeps crawling out of Loch Ness to disturb the public. She can not allow sleeping dogs to lie, because Elizabeth Warren and the new DNC is ready to take their earned places in choosing for 2020 someone who is not a memory of coughing fits, barking spells and eyes twitching like a crack head before she faints almost dead away.
The woman is going to be 73  in 2020. There is not that much placenta rich blood for transfusions in the world to keep this morgue candidate on the campaign trail. If you remember the woman QUIT the last 3 months of the campaign, because she was almost dead, so I doubt Hillary on life support from Bethesda is going to be a vote getter next time around.
What Hillary Clinton could not get done at 61 in 2008 or 69 in 2016, she sure ain't got the oats to run the race in 2020.

The only help Hillary Clinton is going to have is Ivanka Trump ruining the Trump base, which she is doing. Paul Ryan and Mike Pence working for a Pelosi victory in 2018 in running the House for impeachment for Big Conglomerate and Donald Trump not being smart enough to not listen to his idiot daughter, trust Paul Ryan or keep attacking Putin and Conservatives instead of hauling liberals up on charges. Even with that, it still trends that Donald Trump from prison as the manfriend of a big fat Black Mexican named Lupe would still defeat Hillary Clinton in 2020.

Hillary Clinton has been shown the door by Democrats, but she refuses to leave. She is not going to be the first female President and she is not going to win the nomination for 2020 from Democrats. She is just a fat old ornery woman, whose only purpose in life like her ugly daughter Chelsea is to appear, so Americans feel sorry for Bill Clinton and rehabilitate him from his rapist legacy.

Telling Americans they are shit for hating women and blaming them for your losing the election is not a winning strategy, but what else would you expect from Hillary Clinton, as she is the Col. Klink of politics, for if there is a wrong way to campaign, that woman is going to find it.

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