Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Time to indict the intent of James Comey

No my intent was not to intend to intend to have the intent
to intend the intent to intend

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For the record, if INTENT by Hillary Clinton in breaking national law keeps James Comey from indicting her over email crimes, then what is the FBI investigating Donald Trump for 10 months as he has made it clear he never intended to break the law with Russians, nor did any of this associates.

For the record, it is illegal to receive or send classified information, and yet on Anthony Wiener's laptop was classified information, according to Comey "forwarded" to Mr. Wiener.

As Mr. Wiener did not have a security clearance, and due to the volume of the emails, and his former security clearance, he knew the emails were on his laptop. That proves he knew he was breaking the law.
Whoever sent these emails  knew of Mr. Wiener's problems, so they are in violation of the law too.

As for Hillary Clinton, she knew of Anthony Wiener's situation, knew her go to gal in Huma Abedin was married to this security risk, so she is criminally responsible for these emails, whether she knew or not.

Those are the facts, and it is beyond ridiculous for James Comey to be before Congress lying about intent, as intent has nothing to do with the law.

The only things nauseating about this, is Donald Trump has not fired James Comey, the entire FBI heads of staff, for the FBI's criminal stalking of Donald Trump and his associates, and for the cover up in not charging Hillary Clinton.

......and the last part is James Comey must be indicted on multiple accounts of fraud and conspiracy.

This is all deep state lying in word games again, like Republicans lying that they needed the house, then the senate, then the presidency to do anything for America, and still are not doing anything.

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