Sunday, May 28, 2017

The Faustian Home Run

First Lady Melania and President Donald Trump

Trump at conclusion of first foreign trip: 'I think we hit a home run'

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry stated that Melania Trump was President Trump's last best asset, and cautioned months ago to not use her as a political tool when things went bad, and the White House instead chose to use her, and with great effect, as she is the most accomplished female presence on the world stage dwarfing all other powerful women in her shine.

Now comes what Lame Cherry does in bringing things to reality as Melania Trump is now a political target, which is something I wanted her protected from. I though work of God and things Christian, I do not give anyone a pass on.

Melania Trump, like Donald Trump chose the three great religions in Islam, Vaticanism and Jewry. They cast to the side as they have from day one, the Protestants in America and across the world in not meeting with them or giving them a moment's notice.

Facebook was filled with praise of Melania Trump in the Melania Miracle, in which she prayed for a sick boy and in 3 hours he had a heart. That means that another child a tragic death for that miracle as they do not give hearts away. That means that all the sick children and parents across the globe are now going to be praying to Melania begging for her to give them body organs out of other dead children, which she can not do, and a chorus will erupt in the undercurrent of why does not Melania save all of us sick children.

The First Lady, Marionism

Melania Trump is a Marionite, a worshipper of the false image of the Virgin Mary. She brought before the world not just Catholicism in the literal Whore of Babylon, gushed over the Pater Pope in Francis, and employed idol worship and necroism which is not Christian. Numbers of deluded people will now be judged as they flock to Catholicism in idol worship.
Melania Trump did not follow Christ's and the Father in Heaven's mandate of not having any gods before Him. She engaged in apostasy and blasphemy and indoctrinated the people to be led away from Biblical teachings which are not be violated.
This was all accomplished with a fake miracle

She engaged in promoting Jewry, which is another religion which denies Christ, and their leadership framed Him and murdered Him.

In Melania Trump, we witnessed the Vatican advocating for it's Islam which the Vatican created with a Jewish scribe in order to create a Muslim army to take Jerusalem, and in the end uses Jewish moneychangers to run the finances of this whorish empire.

There is a reason the Book of the Revelation of Jesus the Christ warns of the religion which sits on the earthly powers, is a city located on 7 Hills, which is Rome, that each Christian is to come out that whoredom as it works against Christ and will martyr even more Christians as all these religions have done nothing but butcher, rape, rob, enslave and murder Christians.

I follow Jesus Christ as my only Lord and Savior. I am what the Catholics deride as a heretic in being a Protestant. It is important to know that every Catholic is taught, by the doctrine of the Vatican that every Protestant is unsaved and will only be saved by being a Catholic. Nothing about Faith in Christ and Jesus as the only Way, Truth and Life.
That is the doctrine which Melania Trump displayed and advocated for.

So as Donald Trump thought his trip overseas hit one out of the ball park, from a Christian reality, I know what a success it was in the world and the shine of Melania Trump on the world stage. I also am aware that there was not any God or Christ given any credit again by the President. What has been accomplished is what the kings of Israel engaged in, in not putting away false religions to try to appease the political sects and engaged in activities of debauchery in promoting sodomy and those false religions, in the sins of Ahab and Jezebel, who stood against the Prophet Elijah.

Great things can and do occur when God is in power and leaders submit to His Will and promote That Will. 2016 was proof of that. The early months of this Administration are proof of what occurs when Jesus is kicked to the curb.

Now the First Lady has been politicized in the worst way. She advocated for religions and she ignored the Protestants who are Christians in the Spiritual children of God. This will be lost on the pagan media, the apostate left, and the whorish religious leaders in America, but this is the reality of what the Trump Presidency entails.

Nothing good will come of this, no more than the fraud of Simon the Sorcerror who tried to purchase the Gift of the Holy Ghost and was warned by the Apostles, but later went to Rome to start the Universal or Catholic religion on Vatican or Oracle Hill, to establish the great apostasy.
There is a vast difference in a President tolerating other beliefs to wedding his politics to them and promoting them. This is the sin of the Israelite kings.

What is this bleating of sheep I hear......

The First Lady among the Horse Toothed women of Europe

Melania Trump is a wonder, a true power in this world, but she has been exploited incorrectly and has become political. She is now responsible for her actions politically and the establishment of religions. There is not taking any of this back and now every American will be weighed in the balance over this as this is national sin which has been established.

God is Who made Donald Trump, the Christian God, and only God will right this Trump administration as it is meant to be in success for only the Glory of God. I have advocated for Christians to be brought into this administration to right it, but no longer will. Placing the innocents in a den of vipers in making martyrs of them is not proper or right.
If Donald Trump would go public and state that the mistake made was trusting people who drove out the Loyalists and Christians, and that the White House will now be staffed by numbers of these people for the Glory of God, then in placing real Christians in power, perhaps God will bless for His Name, but that is not to take place.

Instead we have a reality of the Christians were ignored, which means God was ignored, and the First Lady promoted religions and in idol worship the life of one child was taken to extend the life of another child. This is what happens without correct Spiritual Direction in the robbing of Peter to pay Paul and in Faustian pacts the devil always comes for perpetual payments with interest.

God save the President, God save the First Lady, may they be the Glory to God. 

....and do not think that there is not fury in the Jewess Ivanka over being upstaged by her step mother who proved she belongs on the international stage in her beauty, power and grace.