Sunday, May 28, 2017

A Contagion Called Clinton

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The world of Hillary Clinton in another rejection of her as President, her 4th in fact as Americans did not want her in her husband's two terms and Americans have not wanted her against Obama or Trump, is one of the strangest psychotic episodes in American history.
Liberals liked to tell the story about the pressure Richard Nixon was under as President, and wandering through the White House talking to paintings, but now it appears that liberals have their own Hillary Clinton wandering around in her own Whatever Happened to Baby Jane.

The latest glimpse of her is an empty mail morgue, with a sort of Obama likeness of herself on the wall peering over at her, as Hillary Clinton searches through a few plastic boxes of mail, from some sick minds whose life was without meaning without Hillary Clinton in the White House.
The problem in this, is Hillary Clinton relishes the misery of the company she created and keeps.

It appears in this that Jeb, George and George Bush are apparently all sorting through mail morgues in their being beaten by Donald Trump too. One doubts though that the Bush's have any real mail, but just have piles of post it notes to each other, as Jeb like Hillary dreams of 2020 and an America which wants nothing to do with them.

I ask her about the report that Bush had said of the speech, “That was some weird shit,” and her eyes light up. “Put it in your article,” she says. “They tried to walk back from it, but …” Did she hear it herself? I ask. She raises her eyebrows and grins.
Remembering Election Night and the inauguration, I can’t help but think that Clinton’s ability to set aside her own feelings might be useful but perhaps not entirely healthy. I ask her if she’s ever been in therapy, and she shakes her head. “Unh-uh. No. I have not.” When I express surprise, she allows, “Well, we had some marital counseling in the late ’90s, around our very difficult time, but that’s all.”
She shrugs. “That’s not how I roll. I’m all for it for anybody who’s at all interested in it. It’s just not how I deal with stuff.”

Yes Mrs. Clinton rolls with psychotic episodes, by dressing up in gold uniforms, searching for validation from losers who mail her as she stares off into space.


Besides the coughing fits again returning for the sick old woman, and her shrinking skin giving her smile looking like a face full of weasel teeth, Hillary Clinton, we learn what Hamrod is fixated on, in she believes she beat Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump.

. One of these guys, I can’t remember who” — it was Nigel Farage — “said, said, ‘Oh, he was the alpha male! He was the big gorilla in the …’ — whatever they call gorilla groups! I think that for people already committed to him, they loved it.”
But was she right that she couldn’t have expressed her anger in that debate? There are plenty of people who yearned for Clinton to get mad; during the campaign, an imagined litany of Clinton’s fury titled “Let Me Remind You Fuckers Who I Am” went viral. “Oh, I am [pissed],” she says. But as a woman in public life, “you can’t be angry for yourself. You just can’t. You can be indignant, you can be annoyed, you can be frustrated, but you can’t be angry … I don’t think anger’s a strategy.”
You mean it’s not a strategy for you, I clarify. “For me, yeah.” She pauses. “But I don’t think it’s a good strategy for most people.”
But this was an election that was, in many ways, about anger. And Trump and Sanders capitalized on that.
“Yes.” Clinton nods. “And I beat both of them.”

It is not just Hillary Clinton in this broken hearts club, as John Podesta is still in a fury begging to be heard, and Hillary Clinton's broken hearts who have not fled to more peaceful vistas like Seth Rich, are prowling about the internet attacking anyone who does not recite, Hail Hillary full of Grace...........

The confrontation began when Politico reporter Jake Sherman asked if Clinton is running again and Linskey responded, "When is she not?"
Merrill became triggered by Linskey's tweet and demanded that she stop with her "strangely vitriolic bullshit."
Merill continued to badger Linskey on Twitter. Linskey asked, "Where was this speech writer" who wrote the commencement speech during the election.
Merril answered Linskey in another expletive-containing tweet.
Merrill was Clinton's press secretary during the 2016 presidential campaign. Since President Trump's historic victory over Clinton, Merrill currently serves as her communications director.

Hillary Clinton is a psychological contagion. She is a viral agent who infects all who have no hope and leaves them hopeless in a new Clintonholm Syndrome where they all wear tinfoil hats, chant about right wing conspiracies, as she sits looking out the window pretending she is President.

The democratic party of the DNC of Perez and Ellison, have brought about defeats all across America, with their superstar Bernie Sanders bringing ruin. No one wants Hillary Clinton near them. It is a party which is aged, filled with psychotic snowflakes and has absolutely no leadership as one day it is Obama pretending he is president in Germany and the next it is Hillary Clinton revisiting her coughing fits.

2016 had absolutely nothing Americans wanted in the democrats. Tim Kaine should have been the future, but he is disappeared as much as Pocahontas attempted her 15 minutes of fame, but did not last 15 seconds.
So it returns to Hillary, who tried to have Chelsea be her surrogate, but Chelsea is about as likeable as dog vomit in your face at 3 AM.

Hillary Clinton is at best now disturbing in how unbalanced she is mentally. She speaks of impeachment when even John Podesta says it will not happen.


John Podesta: 'I See No Sign' Donald Trump Will Be Impeached ...

John Podesta said he does not see any indication that President Donald Trump will be impeached.

When one remembers the charisma and youth of Bill Clinton and now 25 years later it has come to a Hillary Clinton all alone and needing help to walk, Hillary Clinton no longer has any enemies left, for they all just pity her and want for the democratic party to just tell her it is over as democrats have moved on and Americans have recovered from the disease of Hillary Clinton and do not ever wish to contract it again.