Friday, May 19, 2017

The Latest Speech Reversals Indicate President Trump Is Being Betrayed On The Mideast Trip

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter

These are the latest reversals of David John Oates from the Rense Program, once again keeping track of what is taking place behind the scenes of what these people are really thinking. 

 Watch the reversals on McMaster and Tillerson, both are talking about derailing and blocking something on the President Donald Trump trip to the Mideast. Tillerson is blocking something in this 3 religion union and McMaster is going to derail what the President is attempting on this foreign trip.
The President is being sabotaged by his own people.

President Trump after meeting Kissinger is definitely engaged in something that he knows is anti American and all he promised, and asks for forgiveness. He also notes that after everything blows up, he thinks he can put it all back together again. This is all the President is hanging onto now in the illusion that the end will justify the destructive means.

Lastly, Chuck Schumer had some telling reversals as in "screwing Trump up the arse" over Comey's firing, but Schumer admits in all of this in a reversal that that they all are innocent, meaning Donald Trump, the Russians and everyone investigated. They know they are destroying people in a witch hunt, to protect the system.

The reversals state war is coming, and there is some type of weapon killer which McMaster speaks of that will be used in North Korea.

President Donald Trump

Thank you for being here (Kissinger meeting) - Forgive us America

I had dinner with Comey - I'm a feather

I want someone competent at FBI - I paid the laugh

Horrible killing in Syria - I don't need Rosie

Thank you for being here (Saudi Arabia)  - Wake up we're alone

When I terminated Comey - Ah listen

I was going to fire Comey -  Gotta win

Something they did not want to report - The Sheriff send him that mob (David Clarke)

I speak with Russia - And he asked what I'll do

I speak with China  - I shall walk slow song

Russia not a bad thing - Their fear but I may glue this together.

Sec. Mad Dog Mattis

Security of our nation and region - Seal the battle for nukes
Make certain our militaries are ready -  Kim deal with us

Dealing with North Korea - Gonna kill

Stand up with peace loving ally - Give up you evil

Stand with our allies - Stiffen they are snakes

Good to be back - Assassin regime


HR McMaster

 President's leadership across Arab world to confront regime - He needs to pass an ambush

A tremendous opportunity to Iran's destructive behavior - You rely

A North Korea with a nuclear weapon - This effort

 President in meeting - The Masaad a sorcerer 

Responsibility sharing South Korea and NATO - The weapon killer way with us  

President did not disclose military operations - And she'll fire soon


You need the tools - Pray that they'll get the source defeated
 President continue onto Jerusalem - Derail it

Viable option, military option, short of major war - Regime they're so nervous

Rex Tillerson

Relationship with Russia - Give a shout forget everyone

Broadest contours with Russia - There's a sense and they'll use it

Important aspect of President in Saudi  Arabia with religion - Hillary, we'll beat the devil

Important trip on all three religions to face - Is Hillary the devil

Important President trip later this week - You're government are evil

Call upon people of faith - I'll block it

James Clapper

The founding fathers in checks and balances - Seen his grin (Donald Trump)

Chuck Schumer

Administration has to answer on Comey - How we deal with it

I never called on President to fire Comey - Hurry up they deserve to die.

House investigating Russia as is the Senate - Innocent warn you

Rosenstein promised to appoint Special Prosecutor - Shit em in the ass (Fuck Trump up the ass)

Should have fired Comey when he came into office - They are full of shit