Friday, May 19, 2017

A Unifying Event

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This is a short white paper in reality that American finance in the major houses are carrying 222 trillion dollars in debt responsibilities. The ratio is for every dollar a bank owns, they have 30 to 50 dollars in debt.

Total Assets: $1,792,077,000,000 (slightly less than 1.8 trillion dollars)
Total Exposure To Derivatives: $47,092,584,000,000 (more than 47 trillion dollars)
JPMorgan Chase
Total Assets: $2,490,972,000,000 (just under 2.5 trillion dollars)
Total Exposure To Derivatives: $46,992,293,000,000 (nearly 47 trillion dollars)
Goldman Sachs
Total Assets: $860,185,000,000 (less than a trillion dollars)
Total Exposure To Derivatives: $41,227,878,000,000 (more than 41 trillion dollars)
Bank Of America
Total Assets: $2,189,266,000,000 (a little bit more than 2.1 trillion dollars)
Total Exposure To Derivatives: $33,132,582,000,000 (more than 33 trillion dollars)
Morgan Stanley
Total Assets: $814,949,000,000 (less than a trillion dollars)
Total Exposure To Derivatives: $28,569,553,000,000 (more than 28 trillion dollars)
Wells Fargo
Total Assets: $1,930,115,000,000 (more than 1.9 trillion dollars)
Total Exposure To Derivatives: $7,098,952,000,000 (more than 7 trillion dollars)
Collectively, the top 25 banks have a total of 222 trillion dollars of exposure to derivatives.

In this process two factors appeared in George Soros has been shorting stocks for a number of years. and Warren Buffett is in the process of increasing his cash reserves. The logical explanation is stocks will fall, and in this cash will be king, and with that cash assets can be acquired for pennies on the dollar.

According to financial expert Jim Rickards, Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Inc. is hoarding 86 billion dollars in cash because he is likely anticipating a major stock market downturn…

There has been a constant in investment in stocks in the major investors continue to purchase the Nazi state asset stocks. Others in stocks, they are being dumped and the money is being horded.

What to Make of Warren Buffett's Selling IBM -- The Motley Fool

When Warren Buffett first ... admitting that he was too optimistic when he first bought the stock. ... Despite all the disruption, IBM is still a cash ...

The entire Intelligence Community is predicting and preparing for a dollar collapse and the dollar to be removed as a reserve currency. The US Intelligence community is predicting a 25 year Great Depression.

Rickards focused on five “flashpoints” the Intelligence Community is closely monitoring that they believe will soon ignite this collapse.
“This nearly instantaneous 70% stock market crash is just Phase 1. From the outside, nobody will see it coming,” Rickards explained.
“Once it becomes clear that it’s not a flash crash – it’s a systemic meltdown in the economy itself, that’s when the gravity of the situation will sink in. And there will be no digging out from it.”
He went on to explain how a $100 trillion meltdown would quickly unfold in the aftermath. Then he used five words to describe what this was all leading to.
“A 25-year Great Depression,” Rickards warned.

Mike Mullen Former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to Bush43 and Obama, appeared on the Charlie Rose Show on Thursday evening that it would require a massive event in order to unify the country.

It is not lost that President Trump is meeting with the apostate religions in Jewry, Islam and the Vatican, in their signing off on what is coming. We know from David John Oates in Reverse Speech, that President Trump warned  George Soros of his economic policies.

Analysis concludes the following points:

  • The debt on the books must be erased by an event as it is electronic debt
  • There will be a unifying event and unifying strikes for a controlled response to the debt being wiped out.
  • It is evident it of necessity for population reduction from China to cease internal dissent to protect the regime and in America to remove the 99% competitor class from the 1% ruling class.
  • The 1% will utilized it's gleaned wealth from the 99% to cement control.

Trends point to in the matrix for a 4th week June unifying event.

Baby has her own trends in what she is hearing from the elite as Baby knows all.

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