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The Murder of Seth Rich

Seth Rich was panda4progress

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I begin this examination of the murder of Seth Rich, stating that this is based upon public information and what it entails is the process an investigator would piece together the known data to reach conclusions.

There are warning signals in this, that this is beyond Wikileaks, Hillary Clinton and a disgruntled employee of the DNC who was furious that Bernie Sanders was cheated out of the 2016 primary victory and the DNC hounding Mr. Sanders for having access to the DNC data files for their campaign

What we know for certain is Seth Rich was murdered on a DC street corner by a gunshot in the early morning hours as he walked home. The Washington Post which is CIA fake news connected provided an approximate time line in the last hours of the life of Seth Rich, and in that report there are peculiarities which would jump out to an investigator.
We know the that FBI and DC Metro are sitting on this case of almost a year now. That points to deep state covering up something and for someone more powerful than Hillary Clinton, as Clinton's may have the Rockefeller blood, which protects them, but it is always the shadowlands lurking around protecting them as bodies appear in room temperature scenarios.

From Zerohedge, it appears that Seth Rich was from Nebraska and was photographed as a child with one of the most powerful men in the world, in Warren Buffett.

Seth Rich as child photographed with Warren Buffett

Seth Rich was a Ben Sasse, Cornhusker good morals Nebraskan, it would fit with his fair play mindset and reasoning behind handing documents over to Wikileaks to expose that corruption of the Clinton campaign.
An investigator would note that Nebraska  was the operational point of the CIA in a MKULTRA experiment which involved abused children. Nothing points to this involving Seth Rich, but there is the reality that Seth Rich stated he was going after Lou's City Bar closed up, to the Wonderland Ballroom which was a homosexual gathering point. Mentioning that concludes  he had visited the location previously on more than one occasion.  This does not point to his being bi or homosexual, as he did have a girlfriend he was in "love" with and was on the phone that night.
It is a point though that the Clinton campaign was overloaded as was most of the DNC with homosexuals, and it points to Rich would meet other campaign operatives there.

Gay Wonderland - Metro Weekly

Gay Wonderland Joey-O launches a new gay party at Wonderland Ballroom in Columbia Heights. By Doug Rule December 15, 2011

There is this bizarre tweet to Seth Rich though on Rich's page which focuses on Pandas from Andrew Therriault which was immediately removed after Rich's murder.

Bear is LGBT slang for those in the bear communities, a subculture in the gay/bisexual male communities and an emerging subset of LGBT communities with events, codes and culture-specific identity. It also describes a physical type.
Bears tend to have hairy bodies and facial hair; some are heavy-set; some project an image of working-class masculinity in their grooming and appearance, though none of these are requirements or unique indicators. Some bears place importance on presenting a hyper-masculine image and may shun interaction with, and even disdain, men who exhibit effeminacy. The bear concept can function as an identity, an affiliation, and an ideal to live up to, and there is ongoing debate in bear communities about what constitutes a bear. There is also, anecdotally, more acceptance of tattoos and body piercing in the bear community.
"Bears" are almost always gay or bisexual men although increasingly transgender men and those who shun labels for gender and sexuality are also included within bear communities.

The term Panda  Bear in sodomite slang, refers to a hairy Asian male.


Some slang terms relating to the bear community include the following:
  • Cub – a younger (or younger-looking) version of a bear, typically, but not always, with a smaller frame.
  • Otter – A slimmer or less hairy bear regardless of age.
  • Chub – A heavy-set man who might be described as overweight or obese. These men are also a distinct subculture within the gay community, and may or may not identify with the bear movement per se.
  • Ursula – A lesbian bear.
  • Panda (or Panda Bear) – A bear of Asian descent.[19]
  • Polar Bear – An older bear whose facial and body hair is predominantly or entirely white or grey.
Was Andrew Therriault cryptically making a homophobic and racist post connected to Seth Rich? That is what an investigator would follow up on, especially as it immediately was wiped, and more periphery evidence of a Nebraska connection to the elite in Franklin, the Wonderland Ballroom and the Panda Bear posting.

We know that Rich had in the certain victory of Hillary Clinton had already moved on in August of 2016 AD in the year of our Lord, to having a job in Brooklyn New York, which was a friction point with his girlfriend who was at home in Michigan at the time of the murder. This is significant as he had already cut ties with democrats. What is of interest in this is, we know that Seth Rich was the person who copied and then leaked the DNC files to Wikileaks.
This points in the direction of another interesting development in the DNC was already tracking an earlier situation involving DNC files. In both instances, the FBI under James Comey called off the investigation into the Clinton files, actually naming the Ukrainian based anti Putin internet security company of Crowd Strike who first fingered the Russians, and later recanted.

March 20, 2017: Then-FBI Director Comey and NSA Director Rogers appear before the House Intelligence Committee. 
HURD: Have you been able to -- when did the DNC provide access for -- to the FBI for your technical folks to review what happened?
COMEY: Well we never got direct access to the machines themselves. The DNC in the spring of 2016 hired a firm that ultimately shared with us their forensics from their review of the system.
HURD: Director Rogers, did the NSA ever get access to the DNC hardware?
ROGERS: The NSA didn't ask for access. That's not in our job...
HURD: ... So director FBI notified the DNC early, before any information was put on Wikileaks and when -- you have still been -- never been given access to any of the technical or the physical machines that were -- that were hacked by the Russians.
COMEY: That's correct although we got the forensics from the pros that they hired which -- again, best practice is always to get access to the machines themselves, but this -- my folks tell me was an appropriate substitute.
Again, this shocking dereliction alone is enough to justify Comey's removal -- plus a thorough investigation into exactly how it was that DNC/CrowdStrike was able to thwart an FBI investigation -- and why Director Comey, not to mention why Barack Obama and on down, went along with all of it.

In examining this, the very Obama security people appear to have been giving cover to the Clinton campaign, as something was in those files which appear to be greater than what Wikileaks had published. It forms a conclusion that the Russian hacking is even more than a campaign trick by the Clinton campaign to run again, but that something was in those files, which it appears that the ever righteous Comey was suppressing an investigation into the Emailgate, pointing to Russian hacking, and caught in this is another cover up in the murder of Seth Rich.

This brings us to the examination of the night of Seth Rich's murder, for he was murdered, as there was a gun shot and a death.

Rich had a lot on his mind. He’d gotten another job opportunity: a position with the campaign of Hillary Clinton, who had by then won the Democratic nomination. There was only one problem: The job was in Brooklyn. The girlfriend was in D.C. This was causing friction.
“He was having some problems with his girlfriend,” Capone said. “Mostly about moving away and seeing if they could survive it. He was upset. He loved her.”

The Washington Post provides a time line, but as the Washington Post has been suspect in planting fake news concerning Russian hacking to Donald Trump, the CIA Mockingbird feed, is suspect in intelligence planted stories being 70% fact and 30% diversion.

As you read the following there are two points to note. The first is an anonymous source deliberately pointing the public away from the sodomite Wonderland Ballroom. If Rich was not at that location, then where was he?
The second piece of information is Rich speaking to his girlfriend, stating he was almost home, and that he "gotta go".

Washington Post Time Line

On the last night of his life, Rich stayed at the bar until it closed around 1:30 a.m., according to a Lou’s bartender.

Two hours and 49 minutes later he would be lying on a sidewalk, dying.
A log of Rich’s phone calls, compiled by the family, accounts for a large chunk of that time — about two hours 15 minutes. But it doesn’t explain why he took so long to make a walk home that should have taken about 40 minutes.
There’s been much speculation that Rich went to another bar, the Wonderland Ballroom, after leaving Lou’s. But a person who spoke to him that night and agreed to be interviewed on the condition of anonymity said he did not go there.

Rich placed at least five calls and received two incoming calls, according to the log. The first three were placed before closing time — two to his father, who’d gone to bed early and didn’t hear the ring, and one to a friend; they lasted only a minute.
Rich seems to have been on the phone with another friend, who had called him, when the bar closed. That 12-minute call ended at 1:33.

At 2:05, he called his girlfriend, who was in her home state of Michigan. They spoke for 89 minutes. Then the call dropped. A few minutes later, he called her again, and they spoke for 43 more minutes.
At about 4:19 a.m., Rich told his girlfriend he was almost home and said, “I gotta go,” according to Rich’s father, who has spoken with his girlfriend. (She asked not to be named or quoted because of continuing harassment of those connected to the case.)
Rich didn’t sound alarmed. His girlfriend, according to a person familiar with the events of that night, went to bed thinking there was nothing amiss.

As the girlfriend notes, Rich was not alarmed, but the "I gotta go" as being almost home is suspect. In the first series of Google screen grabs showing the locations of Seth Rich at the bar, the Wonderland, his murder scene and his home, in a Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter, it is noted that Rich walked home from his locations which is over a mile.
One must now place yourself not in Rich's mindset, but in the murderer or murderers mindset, as there were no reports of gunfire, no one reported suspicious activity and no one reported anything.

In the police report, it is noted that some of the responding officers wore cameras. The time noted was 7:10  AM. Why the delay of hours from the time of murder to the incident report, would require further explanation from law enforcement, but in this the report is absolute that a handgun was used, and Seth Rich was shot in the back.


 We now are absolutely certain that Seth Rich was walking home. He was not alarmed. We know that Rich stated that he had poor cell phone reception at his house. This could elude to why he was "I gotta go" in ending the phone call, but in the report we know for certain that Seth Rich was murdered on the corner of a street, two blocks from his home.
Seth Rich was not almost home and it points to a speedy exit from the phone call to his girlfriend. It brings a question of was Seth Rich deceiving his girlfriend, as he apparently deceived her over leaking to Julian Assange and his other contacts in order to transfer that information to Wikileaks.
An investigator noting deception and "gotta go" may point to this street corner or the remaining two blocks, that Seth Rich may have had a meeting on the street which he had set up.

The above is the murder on the southwest street corner in this residential neighborhood. This is "safe" DC in Rich walked home often as others do. The crime does not visit these streets as it never visits the wealthy communities.

At this point, is where the forensic evidence avails itself as why was not a gun shot heard or reported? Was Rich murdered with a suppression or silencer, or was the shot or shots so close that the body actually muffled the sound?
It is not logical that some robber or murderer was lurking on the streets for hours, searching for a victim. This leads to a conclusion that perhaps someone was waiting for Seth Rich. It is not logical the assailant would be standing in the dark for hours, but instead was positioned in knowing Rich was returning in this hour structure.

The points are vital as it is either one or the other in the reason the sound was muffled. The next crime scene photo provides a view of the necessities if this was a pre planned or quickly arranged murder by someone with experience.
Someone can not lurk on the streets, as they will be noticed sooner than later. This means an alley which is present to conceal themselves in, as Rich saw no one to alarm him. A location to park a vehicle as parking on the street or driving down the street would alert a neighbor or alert Rich. There is a basketball court on the way, a half block away, which Rich would pass, and a vehicle would not be noticed. The final place would be the extraction point, or where a vehicle could pick up the murderer, and that is a block away from the murder scene.

This appears a text book kill zone.

Now for theory, what if Seth Rich had met with an individual or connected individuals, which he trusted or in which he revealed under passive interrogation his reason for leaving the Clinton campaign was the Sanders issue and what if Rich revealed about Wikileaks or what if Rich agreed to a street meet and he trusted the individual, and this allowed someone to approach from behind and shoot him.
This would fit as Rich did not appear to know this was coming.

This was either a professional hit to send a message, a murder of emotion as not any robbery was attempted in a cover up, or it points to there were more than one assailant involved, as the murderer did not walk miles away, but was probably extricated.
Extricates points to a driver, of enough professionalism to remain unseen as Rich passed by,  and cool enough to remain in not having second thoughts in panic, in order to extricate the shooter.

Whether there is a connection or not, it was in this period that John Podesta's email indicated making an example of who was leaking. As Pat Buchanan noted in Richard Nixon, Nixon stated a number of things, and perhaps Watergate was someone acting on the things Nixon was blowing off steam about. This is a factor an investigator would explore in did some of the emotionally invested staff, of thuggish background, take it upon themselves to impress the higher ups.

As the Lame Cherry noted in Pizzagate which erupted in pointing fingers at John Podesta, it appeared someone was retaliating on Podesta, making certain the pedophile issue was a focus among the homosexuals in the Clinton campaign. Again, there appears to be enough of a connection in this, that someone was blaming Podesta, and pointing the public in a smear to whatever this underworld was engaged in.

As stated, there is an undercurrent of sodomy in this Seth Rich situation and the main catalyst of Wikileaks. Conclusions are that this was not about the published Wikileaks. It is either about something Julian Assange has held back which appears of a homosexual or pedophile content which links to those in the shadowlands, and is a reasonable conclusion why this has been shut down by DC Metro and the FBI.
Someone or some group which is powerful enough to dissuade James Comey in the FBI from investigating, produce a fake Russian hacking cover, and shut down a DC Metro Police investigation, all points to the federal agencies.
If it was Hillary Clinton engaged in election theft from the compliant Bernie Sanders, that story appeared, and was not the focus of the Washington Post time line. The leading away from the sodomite connection was the deliberate plant of this story.

Seth Rich appears to have come into contact with the world that silenced the DC Madam by hanging and silenced former CIA Director William Colby who was aware of the child sex rings from Omaha Nebraska to Washington DC.

This cover up points to something Seth Rich had contact with, and perhaps had absolutely no idea what information he had accessed or he had no idea those he had contact with were of this lethality, or he would have been in panic. This brings the interesting direction that perhaps Seth Rich thought he was protected by someone powerful enough to gain him another job, and keep him safe from retaliation over Wikileaks. This again then brings a conclusion that Rich was perhaps targeted over an issue which he did not believe a problem, but those in power concluded that information would become a problem which could not be covered up.

There will not be a Special Prosecutor, an FBI investigation or any Congressional inquiry over this. We will never know what the complete story was, unless those on the inside leak the information in order to leverage those behind this to neutralize them.

There are facts in this that those who have been making issues of this in Mike Cernovich in Pizzagate have faced court filings and those like Sean Hannity focusing on this Seth Rich murder, immediately are being smeared by the same media sources who are connected to the coup against President Donald Trump. The above are a few poignant facts which have been available to the public in piecing together more of this evening in August 2016.

The forensics of the crime scene, the autopsy would reveal more pertinent information to produce more conclusions in caliber, cartridges fired, where was the spent casing and if not found, then who had the presence of mind to not leave that evidence if it was a semi automatic, how close was the shot or shots, and the reality that the Washington Post deliberately recorded RICH DYING ON THE STREET, which points to he was not dead, and feeds into a 4Chan gossip of Seth Rich was in an ambulance and had been operated on in a hospital, but the doctor was not allowed to check on the patient.

There is far too much fake news and fake posts, but if one stays within the boundaries of published "facts", one can glean a semblance of reasons why the murder of Seth Rich has been stonewalled and covered up.

Once again another stand alone post by the Lame Cherry in matter anti matter exclusives.

Someone knows who murdered Seth Rich, and someone knows why DC Metro and the FBI are sitting on this case.

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