Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The Quadcoon Concert of English Terror


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As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was reading an article of things which makes not any sense to me in liberals attacking liberals over this Manchester terror attack and liberals seeking attention and posting attention getting things. Apparently there is a Quadchin or Bichin named Ian Miles Cheong who is the law on all this gamer stuff of what is acceptable and what is not acceptable.

I though am more interested in the evolving dynamics of the neo Muslim terrorists of Anglestan.

For example, Salman Abedi, in camera on every street, every toilet, MI6 tracking Donald Trump's pee purchases in Moscow, somehow missed a 23 year old Muslim, who they did not miss as they knew of him, but neglected to stop him from building a very Texas Muslim boy clock bomb, that actually was a very good suicide bomb, as well done as the PLO blowing up Jews in the Mideast.
Abedi, the product of Libyan refugees birthing him in England, had a psychological change take place as of last year in being Muslim activated.

What was it like 22 dead and 50 wounded, would be considered acceptable numbers in Islam terrorism. Apparently the bomb had enough fuel to obliterate a child whose parents could not find. That is a large device and packed with metal objects for wounding and killing.
It appears that Salman Abedi made one mistake, and if the English will to find heroic actions in just being at a concert like a flock of sheep, peripheral forensics seem to indicate that the murderer pushed himself into a wall of human flesh for maximum casualties. Those bodies, along with the obliterated little girl absorbed the shrapnel and blast, thereby saving  lives. For parents grasping for answers for unexplained acts, the British regime would prefer the public to discover both sympathy and heroes in dead little girls, so the public does not go outrage in asking what in the hell are those hordes of Islamic terrorists and their sympathizers doing in London, but make the elite rich as they all dine of the British mutton.

What is a fact in this, is the reality that Islam, al Qaeda and ISIS are racist in they hate Caucasians. Caucasians  are their target, and that is what is interesting in this in Salman Abedi chose a Quadcoon Concert to target, which is the Negroid line and Islam has been for centuries protecting their Negroid populations for slavery, castration and turning into Malcom X, to be used against the Caucasians. This is a serious breach in Ariana Grande's concert, as she is a Quadcoon.
To explain this as it requires new terms in this Age of Obama in Grande is Italian, from American Florida, but she has a thing for large black testicles.

Ed Sheeran reveals Ariana Grande confessed love of 'big black ...

Ed Sheeran reveals Ariana Grande left him in fits of laughter as she confessed her love of 'big black balls' at Victoria's Secret Show.

Yes the British adored to convulsions the double entendre of big black balls with big black testicles, but it is of interest that a woman who is Victoria Secret no talent was attacked and she had an appreciation of big black testicles.
ISIS oversight in this as it was probably due to the terrorist not speaking English or being able to read the Daily Mail, and did not know he was attacking a Quadcoon or a Quadroon type, in women appreciating Negroidness, like some American women who are Caucasian and pretend to be Negroid.

The above photo reveals a complete breakdown in ISIS intelligence, in most people would with all those Negroid on stage, that Grande is a Quadroon at least and for certain know she was Quadcoon in having all those black homosexual dancers serving her.

Those are the relevant points in this, not the liberal tweeter wars on what is appropriate and inappropriate. This should not be something which is necessary to explain, because the rules have always been it is ok to attack Caucasians who are not leftists, but all other subjects one does not comment on, but to say how horrid it all is, without making note that it is leftist policy which created the terror in England and elsewhere.
See the British can mock everyone, but one dares not mock the dead British, as they are above reproach and only to be reverenced.

There is good news though, the British constables are conducting round up raids.....after the event being treated like a terror attack, and no one in England is asking why the raids were NOT BEFORE THE ATTACK.

“Salman? I’m astonished by this,” one member of Manchester’s Libyan community told the Guardian. “He was such a quiet boy, always very respectful towards me. His brother Ismael is outgoing, but Salman was very quiet. He is such an unlikely person to have done this.”
The brothers worshipped at Didsbury mosque, where their father, who is known as Abu Ismael within the community, is a well-known figure. “He used to do the five and call the adhan. He has an absolutely beautiful voice. And his boys learned the Qur’an by heart.
“Abu Ismael will be terribly distraught. He was always very confrontational with jihadi ideology, and this Isis thing isn’t even jihad, it’s criminality. The family will be devastated.”
Abu Ismael Abedi, who worked as an odd-job man in Manchester, is thought to be in Tripoli. His wife, Samia, is thought to be in Manchester. “He comes and goes between here and there,” the family friend said. “I can’t believe he would have been radicalised in Tripoli. All those types have been driven out of the city. It must have happened here.

Now what in England would be radicalizing Muslims as it is such a merry olde place. What could it be radicalizing all of these young people all through the west, and it is not Donald Trump.