Monday, May 29, 2017

The needed Advice to Hillary Clinton

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Look, I can not afford health care, so I want some regulation which prohibits Hillary Clinton from exasperating her condition while perpetually campaigning for President as all of us end up paying for it when she keeps getting pneumonia and trying to hack up a lung.

This woman is too old to be out in the cold rain or she is going to go into a coma, or when she passes out in a parade, will fall into a pile of horse shit and suffocate. She obviously is in need of a caretaker and with Huma now free to find rich powerful lesbians who win elections like Elizabeth Warren to attach herself to, we can not rely on this lovely Muslim any more to protect Hillary Clinton from herself.

Finally, at least Bill Clinton has found an occupation, as it appears he appeared as a gas station attendant like those old Standard Gas uniforms. Of course he probably has drilled a hole in the women's crapper to spy on them, but he looks nice in his gas station attendant uniform, as he finally has a job he is good at not getting dirty at.

Fill 'er up Bill

This is some honest advice to Hillary Clinton. America hates you Mrs. Clinton worse than Donald Trump ever will be hated. They have Hillary Fatigue. I know Chelsea is low hanging fruit and let you down so you had to rush in so some other younger democrat does not rush in and take your spotlight, but you look desperate as you are in popping up all over reminding everyone what a loser you are, and reminding Americans they are thankful for Donald Trump as he is not you.

Here is what you do Hamrod. Go get that obnoxious child of yours in Chelsea, and go meet  with Ivanka Trump in the West Wing. Suggest to her the need for feeding Syrian children or some other bullshit, and after you con her to get her daddy to sign off on this, you Hamrod get off your ass and hire 100 people to do the job of hauling in UN things to Syria, and you can pose in a Paris back alley like you are in Syria, take all the credit as you have placed your only asset in Bill Clinton on the circuit to not criticize Donald Trump, but to offer helpful solutions and raise funds for democrats for 2018. It might kill the old boy, but that might help you in sympathy if people do not say you killed Bill by making him campaign for you again.

Soft sell you dumb old bit and stop stuffing your old cunt face in America's cringing face.

Actually present yourself doing something Mrs. Clinton in helping the people you always are saying you care about. That is your only chance in shutting your mouth as you clean up Trump blowing things up, as image Obama is sucking the life out of the democratic party for 2018 and 2020 for the legacy.
Remember Obama meets Princes and gives speeches in Berlin and you are at the girl's college coughing and getting your parade rained on.

Hamrod YOU HAVE TO DEFEAT OBAMA as he is your main problem to 2020, not Donald Trump.

How about a donation there Hillary for that advice as it is better than fag Mook or your pedophile advice.