Monday, May 15, 2017

The Profits in Prisons, Policing, Pills and Prosecutions

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The Lame Cherry has not really addressed this subject in depth and perhaps was only written of before this blog began, but while it is not of interest to most people who are not dope heads, the social subjects do require addressing at times, because there is a move by Attorney General Jeff Sessions to crack down on the choom heads, which Obama was letting out of prison.

For the obvious, the dope trade is about money. Figures point to 3 million dollars is generated on every street corner with drug traffic in America, which goes into banks being laundered, usually through franchises and ends up in Wall Street stock options. That is why the dope trade is not stopped, because it is a matter of how the rich get their million dollar retirements, while having a slave class of dopers and whores in their employment as the police state protects this monopoly, as everyone gets their cut.

I am not going to address the money, but will instead address this in the way I have reasoned it out with God.

In 1900, anyone could order codeine or opium from a Sears wishbook, just like anyone could order guns or poisons. They were the tonics which made people happy as they took away emotional and physical pain. Big Pharm shut that all down though, along with alcohol, so a monopoly could be formed, and because America was a culture of caffeine uppers in the morning, booze downers in the afternoon and a shot of opium at night to sleep. You will notice that the Prohibitionists though only were funded to remove the downers of alcohol as that was not productive.

I understand the libertarian view in people can do what they please, as I hate government dictates too. The issue for me though is Spiritual. When it says Daniel fasted from meat (fats) and sweets, that means that even high energy foods affect a Spiritual nature. So that means alcohol and dope affects a human's Spiritual development.
The Bible does not prohibit alcohol, but it also says not be a drunk abusing it, as that becomes your god.

That is what decides this for me, in the Spiritual. Do I know that these dopers and drunks are never going to be Christians? Yes I do, but just like porn, if it is not there to get people hooked easily, so all they do is sit in the computer room, huffing and jacking off all day, then these people are going to at least have a chance to be semi productive and getting out and hopefully finding there is a world out there to live.

If given the opportunity to be with people of character and those who know what they are doing in life, a greater portion of people will attempt to elevate themselves to that character, instead of degrading to these Hollywood types. Being Barack Obama has not saved one soul from death, but has in that license of sin, condemned more lives to failure, in these snowflakes can not cope with the word NO or with being challenged for what they construct the world to be in their fictions.

A proper society is where the individual is not a collective. A proper society is one where individuals own possessions which they care for which teaches responsibility. The individual learns they have to work honestly and be productive to obtain and keep that life. This is achieved by the government not taking too much in taxes and handing it to deadbeats who refuse to work.
This managed greed, then produces competition which is healthy, and makes better products for people to purchase, as they convert their work into homes, cars, furnishings, education and retirement, instead of a puff of smoke or piss down the drain which weed and alcohol steal from the person.

Genius or joy does not come from masturbation nor inebriation. Genius and joy come from growth in the Spirit and in that self control, the individual gains confidence and becomes resolute, so they do not go into meltdown when Starbucks is closed or Hillary Clinton loses an election. A human is defined or defiled by what is on the inside.

So these wretches in alcohol, drugs, sex and you can have a problem with money to sugar, are people who are taking things from society, and that weakens society. It would be easy to just have opium dens and have American farmers produce record crops, and have these wretches kill themselves, but that kind of action degrades society, and what is worse, this ilk would not stay in the house, but start driving cars and killing other people.

I do not believe either that throwing people into prison is any answer, for the simple reason 65,000 dollars a year to house a convict punishes the public who is working and paying for all of this.

The correct solution which America will not employ would be either herbicide killing of dope crops or salting the areas with cobalt 60 to kill the producers, and taint the crop so it would kill the manufacturers and in probability weed out the users.

It comes down to killing the user by execution or killing the supplier. The more humane way is to kill the entire suppliers and killing every banker and Wall Street operator who launders those funds knowingly or unknowingly. If Jeff Sessions hung Wall Street brokers and bankers from the lamp posts in NYC, then most of the drug trade would disappear.
Get rid of the product and the profit and the addict has nothing to become addicted to.

It becomes complicated, because you are too squeamish to demand the police do what needs to be done, and the police will not do what needs to be done, because the politicians who employ them all have dope portfolios worth a fortune from the drug trade.

I have written previously of the historical example of how Spain cleaned up the death pool of Havana Cuba. It was a place where rich people were not paying poor people for the work they did.....stealing from the poor, people in allies beating and murdering people to rob them, and the law abiding were running this gauntlet as Americans are today.

The Spanish Commandant Governor immediately enacted three measures.

Measure 1 was the poor were no longer exploited by the rich. The Governor beat with canes the rich on every street corner of the central square as punishment. The exploitation stopped as 4 beatings in an hour left a week of misery which was not repeated.

Measure 2 was for petty crimes of non murder, rape etc... the criminals were beaten on every corner of the street as the rich were. Crime ceased almost entirely.

Measure 3 was the violent criminals were convicted and immediately executed.

Havana became a safe city instead of a murder and terror capital in a few months with this astute leadership.

Speedy trial and sentence, followed by martial punishment, and for those who attempt to stop it, they get their backs and asses beat to a pulp too as a lesson. For the violent prone who do not learn the lesson, they are hung, and that ends the entire crime waves which engulf a nation, along with the dope and drunkard.
Pain is the best teacher in the world and when suits and gangsters learn that their reward is pain that keeps them awake for a week, then they decide that work is a better option than exploitation.

It is the same for these illegals. Beat them, post it online, dump them back into their nations, and for those nations who refuse, send in the Marines to blow up the airport to make it secure, dump the beaten illegals off, and fly back out.
It is amazing what a despot who has a furious mob now on his hands can accomplish in not deporting his trash to America.

That is the most cost effective way to deal with all of this, and to not spare the rod any more on the American society as it needs a good whooping in this snowflake teeter tooter whiner millions, and if they mouth off again, beat them again, and they will learn that their rights end where the other person's rights begin.

So the Lame Cherry supports Attorney General Jeff Sessions in stopping the dope trade, but throwing the corner pimp into prison is not the correct solution. It will take a nation of canes and to beat people, as fines do not work nor does prison time.

That is the solution, but of course it will not be done, because we are told we are a humane people, but it really is there is profits in prosecutions, policing, prisons and pills.

One trades one form of dope scam for another.

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