Monday, May 15, 2017

Jared Kushner and High Evil

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The forensic psychology of Jared Kushner is interesting. One does not speak of his being a cuckold to his wife Ivanka as she humiliates him.  Nor the attachment to his criminal father that Chris Christie threw into prison after dear old dad hired whores to break up the marriages of his sisters, and Kushner's aunts, over their testimony to the feds, in Kushner flew down every weekend to visit his father. It is not even the intrigue of destroying everyone who got Donald Trump elected in Christians and Loyalists. What is interesting is the reversal discovered by the associate of David John Oates, Naomi from Canada, where Jared Kushner expresses he is evil in defining who he is, and adds High Evil to stress the point

 Jared Kushner

Coming days - I'm evil, High evil (High Days are Hebrew Holy Days, set apart. Kusher is an evil set apart as he defines himself. The opposite of Godly Goodness. Kushner says in effect he is the anti Holy.)

If one listens to Hillary Clinton in reversals, almost every other word out of this woman's mouth is that she says she is evil.

Hillary – “Well I, I have to tell you that um, as I said in my remarks um, [looking back] ah, it would have been probably ah, you know, smarter to of used two devices but…” – I am evil.

Hillary – “[Looking back], it would have been better if I’d simply used a second email account…” – I am evil.

Everyone knows Hillary Clinton is evil, from her bitch slapping the women her husband raped, to her beating up a young girl in court who was raped in Arkansas, but the things Jared Kushner is haunted by are a different type from Hillary Clinton.

In Hebrew teaching, a High Day is a day set apart as in holy. The High Days are Sabbath days, set aside for God, including the High Days of Passover, First Fruits and Trumpets. That is what makes Kushner's association with his evil as High Evil. He is linking it in a Christian type as anti Christ. I am not stating that Kushner is this as that is impossible, but the way Kushner is defining himself, as an evil which is violating his Jewry on a religious level. He is stating he is involved in things which are evil, making him evil, and in his subconscious he is admitting in reasoning it out, that he is an evil in direct violation of God.

What Jared Kushner is involved in, in the White House is evil from his Jewry and it violated Jewry in he is a set apart evil.  This is interesting as this is the Jew cap wearing Kushner, the sponsor of Benjamin Netanyahu who slept in his own bed, the Kushner who funded Jewish settlements, the Kushner who forced Ivanka Trump to deny Christ to become a Jew in order for them to be married.
This is a Jared Kushner who is in a movement which considers itself in a Pharisee way, superior to everyone else. This is the Jewry which would crucify Jesus in order that one man would die for Rome's empire, so the Jews would survive, and they went home to their lavish homes to pretend how special they are.

What is the point in this, is Jared Kushner, the person that is the chief advisor to the President terms himself as an evil in what he is involved in, is so set apart, that it is defined as such, and Kushner has chosen it over the goodness of God.
How this can be justified, must mirror an event like Christ's betrayal in what Kushner has chosen is a specific evil so great it is elevated to that in his mind, as a sort of ends in a "good" will justify the evil that he is engaged in.

Is that more than fake chemical weapons in Syria getting people murdered in Tomahawk attacks? Is that a fake event which will start a war to get piles of people dead, so that a 'peace' will appear. Is it seizing Syria, in cutting it up like a fatted calf, after murdering 500,000 Syrians, all for removing Philistines from Israel so Jews can live in a Muslim free nation, but America gets the Muslim Rape Cock?
Could it be nuclear weapons strikes? Could it be nuclear terrorism?

What is the evil, the high evil, the special apostate evil that Jared Kushner defines himself as that is a violation of Jewry in being so heinous?
Does it really matter what it is, more than it matters that someone who is advising the President on every matter and is in control of the Mideast Peace, is stating he is beyond evil, and a special evil.

It is past time for America to step back from what is being initiated and demand answer to what is going on beyond the doors of 1600 Kushner Avenue, as whatever it is, has obliterated the constant theme of candidate Donald Trump in "loving America" and has him speaking in profane terms when he never had done so during his entire candidacy.
Donald Trump in reversals has never referred to himself as evil, even in the past months. So what is it that Jared Kushner is involved in, as it does not belong near the President nor 1600 Penn Avenue.

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