Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The Seer's Spears

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This is probably the last in the study of the European Seers and their visions for the last world war in Europe. This part concerns the Russian invasion, after being goaded for years, and in a scenario which seems to indicate the "war" begins first in the Mideast where the Americans are driven out, their depots seized, and then a time of calm, but soon followed by an absolute fury by Russia.

In examining the time lines, there are hints of some type of peace accord in the Mideast, and then some event takes place which moves Russia to secure both Turkey and Greece. Everyone is thinking peace and the comes something unexpected.
While having not inquired, I ponder if someone levels  Damascus.

It is at this point, there seems to be a short interlude, perhaps winter. There are hints in some writings of Christian Russia and Serbia in alliance, and this would dovetail then into the events which Alois Irlmaier foresaw, in a series of assassinations occur in the Balkan region, and it is these murders which bring the Russian invasion.
Looking at this without names or reason, one deduces that these are Russian allies and some European intrigue causes these murders of  Russian allies, and hence overnight the Russians who have been prepared drive three armored wedges or spears into Europe.

The North Spear conquers Scandinavia.  Nothing is said of this column in rapine.

The South Spear conquers in Italy and south. There appears to be brutality aimed at the Pater Pope in this movement.

The Central Spear is the one the seers focused on, as it was in their lands, and this was definitely repeats the Asian rape of German women in World War II. It is heinous and barbaric. It drives though without rest, and devours all in the path in apparently living off the land as it moves toward the Rhine.


Alois Irlmaier, Bavaria 1950:

"The Russians do not stop anywhere while running in their three wedges. Day and night they run in order to reach the Ruhr district, where the many furnaces and chimneys are...."

Josef Stockert (1947)

"Tanks roll over Germany. These tanks will come from the east and will drive with great speed to the west. Where obstacles are put in their way, they flatten everything to the ground. In three spearheads they pull to the west, along the North Sea, to Central Germany and in the south along the alps (as far as I can remember).

The reason the Rhur is the focus is a Cologne Crossing of the Rhine, to the Rhur, means taking German industry and an open road to the lowlands, where the North and Central Spear will swing south to Calais and join with the Southern Spear. This maneuver complete in the encirclement of Europe, would allow a siege to conquer the continent without any American landing.

The spears though do not reach their destinations though as an American toxin is spread over a wide swath from the North Sea to the Black Sea, cutting off Russian supply, and without supply the drives falter and begin falling back to Russia.

The elections in Europe which the liberals have so relished in France and coming Germany, are setting the stage for these coming events.

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