Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Trump Doctrine

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As the Lame Cherry first postulated in the mid 1990's that the United States will respond with equal and greater weapons of mass destruction, in any WMD attack upon the United States, which became the Bush Doctrine, it is imperative that President Donald Trump in the position he is now engaged in, to appear before an appropriate venue, and lay out the framework for the Trump Doctrine.

Be it known the United States quantifies it's right and the right of it's allies, when threatened verbally, through terrorism, through 3rd party proxies and outright threat in matters of weapons of mass destruction, reserves the right to neutralize those assets in first, second and third party, with first response in tactical neutralization of those agents with weapons of mass destruction.

In relation to the Geneva Protocols based upon the mutually assured destruction of adversarial parties who employed chemical weapons in equal response to those nations which employed chemical attacks, the United States and civilized nations reserve the same right of self protection and deterence, in neutralizing research, production and arming when stated elements reach rogue status in refusal to comply with the international standard.

There is no denying that from HR McMaster's constant pique in reverse speech of making select strikes on North Korea to the Rex Tillerson targeting of Iran, that these two nuclear armed powers are now deemed a relevant threat to their regions and the United States proper.
This is not a debate concerning globalist policy or Trump policy. It is a reality where the United States is being dragged to again, and the reality that the United States must have counsel to lay the framework for first strikes for herself and her allies, which will prevent an escalation involving the Russia or China.

The reality is the framework is in place and is being engaged for strikes. Iran has threatened Saudi Arabia, Israel and the United States, as much as the world in closing oil shipments in the Persian Gulf.
North Korea has threatened America, Japan and South Korea.

For historical perspective, it will only be a matter of time before those interests who desire the United States to engage in more wars, create a Pearl Habor of 9 11, in this case a nuclear 9 11, or in time North Korea or Iran will engage in another Boston Bombing or Airliner downing with nuclear proportions to prevent a US strike.

For that reason, the inside information is progressing that Jared Kushner for the Jewish States is arming Saudi Arabia with nuclear delivery systems with Saudi access to their Pakistani nuclear arsenal.

If Saudi Arabia is the Sunni first strike on Shia Iran, then the correct armaments must be provided to Saudi Arabia, to keep the Israeli state from annihilation. This requires a neutron spread over the Mullah heirarchy, the Republican Guard and Iranian government.
Tactical warheads must obliterate the entire Iranian military. There must be a complete series of bunker breaking nuclear warheads to wipe out the Iranian nuclear stockpile of warheads and production facilities. There must be a plutonium and cobalt poisoning of the Iranian sphere to prevent Russian or Chinese deployments to the Persian nation.
There must be an armed surviving Iranian military either under Mosaad or American control to seize power to prevent nuclear retaliation.

In relation to North Korea, the like issue of "salted" tactical bunker busting cobalt and plutonium warheads must neutralize the simple task of North Korean nuclear warheads. There must be a cobalt or plutonium line on the North Korean side of the DMZ with full radiation to kill the North Korean artillery.
There must be a drag net to prevent North Korean submarines from reaching American, South Korean or Japanese targets from aircraft carriers to ports.
The North Korean leadership must be buried in nuclear radioactive waste in the tunnels under Pyongyang.

This must be the covert Trump Doctrine of warfare, in which casualties will be expected in Iran at 2 million and casualties in North Korea at 2 million.

If neutralization is incomplete, then the numbers will be 2 million dead in the Israeli state, 1.5 million dead in Saudi Arabia, 3 million dead in South Korea, with numbers of 500,000 in Japan to 5 million in the United States.

If the process spins out of control in a nuclear zephyr, then the numbers are above, expand to 40 million dead in the United States and 400 million dead in mainland China.

As Christian measures are not to be implemented to moralize and convert, it would be better to opium and porn destroy both nations in Iran and North Korea over a 5 year period as America is being destroyed. But as the commerce is invested in war contracts and cropping Americans, the Trump Doctrine must appear, with the President laying out the exact case before the American People as the first response is engaged in, as to targets, objectives and reason for this attempt to preserve life in the Free World.

If the agenda is to engage in this activity, then one must engage in it with extreme neutralization in order to prevent any response for a generation.

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