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When Seth Rich's Nebraska met Seth Rich's DC

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How does a little Jewish boy from Nebraska, end up murdered on a street in DC, to become another conspiracy theory as the family searches for answers remembered as Seth Rich.

Sean Hannity is a person who has locked onto the story of Seth Rich, not for the story's sake, but because Seth Rich is the lynch pin which is holding up all of the lies of Russian hacking and if Hannity can remove that pin, it all comes crashing down with the deep state, and all the blackmail which has gotten Donald Trump to be Jeb Bush, ends.

Those involved in this make calls and Rupert Murdoch retracts Rich conspiracy theories and leaves Sean Hannity out to face all the other smear media as this is a world where noted people die, and law enforcement looks the other way and investigations claim magic bullets and stories to bring down Obama just disappear.

Hannity Fights On As FOX Retracts...

The entire fiction of Russian hacking now hangs in the balance, and it is due to a German who was victimized by the Obama regime to protect Hollywood movies stored on his Kim Dotcom site.

Kim Schmitz has tweeted a most damning reality while fighting extradition to the United States, and that is confirmation that he was the go between who Seth Rich contacted in order to pass on DNC files to Julian Assange at Wikileaks.

After this tweet went viral, Saturday afternoon, Dotcom de facto admitted to being involved in the information exchange between Rich and WikiLeaks.
After this bombshell admission, Dotcom promised to clarify just how involved he was by releasing a statement on Tuesday.

Seth Rich first contacted Kim Dotcom over bringing the Internet Party to America. This seems odd that Rich would be involved in this as this data expert at the DNC was one of the prize possessions and in position to write his own ticket with a Hillary Clinton as President.

What is bizarre in this, is Dotcom is a wanted man in America, and facing life in prison, and yet he is promoting an apparent deal, where he will testify concerning Wikileaks and Seth Rich which will bring down the entire deep state, which will be most displeased this development has occurred at this moment with Donald Trump on the ropes.

This is a history of Dotcom's legal battles.

Supreme Court

In February 2014, the New Zealand Court of Appeal deemed the raids on Kim Dotcom to be legal but not the FBI's taking of information.[66] Dotcom appealed this decision to the Supreme Court. In December four of the five judges agreed with the Court of Appeal that the raid was legal and ordered Dotcom to pay $35,000 costs. Chief Justice Sian Elias dissented, saying there had been a miscarriage of justice as the search warrant was too broad.[67]

A month before the Supreme Court decision, Dotcom's legal team quit after he had spent $10 million on his defence, financed the Internet Party, but then ran out of money. When the US tried to have his bail revoked, a new lawyer, Ron Mansfield, helped keep him out of prison.[68] In December 2014, events took another turn when the High Court in Hong Kong ruled that the United States "did not have a clear path to serve a legal summons on Dotcom's filesharing company" and he could take a case to get back $60 million seized by authorities there. In making this decision, Judge Tallentire said, "No one can say when that process of extradition will be completed given the appeal paths open to the various accused. Indeed, no one can say if it will ever be completed"

Harvard Law professor Lawrence Lessig, an international expert in copyright and fair use, provided his written opinion for free. He said there were no legal grounds to extradite Dotcom and the allegations and evidence made public by the US Department of Justice "do not meet the requirements necessary to support a prima facie case that would be recognised by United States federal law"

He blames US President Barack Obama for colluding with Hollywood to orchestrate his arrest[45] and has spoken out against his negative portrayal in the media. In regard to the illegal spying conducted by GCSB, Dotcom said they were not spying to find out where he was. "The GCSB was utilised to surveil all my communication in order to give the U.S. Government full access to all my communication, without the requirement of a warrant," he said.[112] In May 2013, Dotcom released a 39-page white paper that links his prosecution to Hollywood studios. He claims that the US government prosecuted him in return for contributions from the studios to President Barack Obama. He released the paper to coincide with the visit to New Zealand of United States Attorney General, Eric Holder, head of the US Justice Department, which oversees the FBI

The illusion of James Comey's fake investigations on Russian hacking and protecting the DNC and Hillary Clinton in the DNC leaks is being revealed for the fraud of a cover it always has been. What is of note in this is the random chance events which are connected, not the same events, but are overlapping.

The chief points are:

  • Hillary Clinton's fraud primary run in 2016 which was Bernie Sanders as a willing strawman for her to defeat which is what moved Seth Rich to expose this fraud.
  • The Seth Rich leak of the DNC files to Wikileaks which Hillary Clinton expanded in her anti Russian rhetoric in blaming Russia for cover of those leaks to discredit them.
  • The murder of Seth Rich

The center of all of this became Seth Rich, where if he had simply been a typical democrat and smiled over the crimes, taken the paycheck and perks, and continued to rise in the food chain, he might be alive today.

One of the keys to Seth Rich is the red flag of his leaving the DNC in the midst of the Clinton campaign for a job in Brooklyn. He apparently was so disgusted to hand files over to Wikileaks over what Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton were up to, and somewhere in this he was able to leverage a job or have one leveraged for him in New York, causing friction with his girlfriend who apparently he hid all of this from.

There are a great many things involved in this and is evidenced by how much of a push back is coming from the deep state on this, as everything is riding on their narrative. Granted the public has a memory of a playdough, but those with memories in where it matters like the family of Seth Rich, the President and Sean Hannity are a problem.

Think of the situation this way. Someone powerful enough connected to the Clinton campaign had a corpse dumped into their arena akin to some burglars at the Watergate hotel. Whatever Seth Rich was about, he contacted three major scandals:

  • Russian hacking smear to impeach Donald Trump
  • Russian hacking to cover up the Clinton DNC documents
  • The Clinton election fraud in the 2016 primary
Having his body appear when democrats are using the above scandal to destroy Donald Trump amplifies the situation and provides the pushback from Wikileaks which wants the witch hunt against Julian Assange dropped, the Dotcom witch hunt wants his money back seized by the US regime under Obama at 60 million dollars and Sean Hannity with the political right are fighting back and Seth Rich is in the midst of it all.

For 10 months whatever was involved in the murder of Seth Rich was effectively covered up. Now it has been breathed back to life, and the problems with Seth Rich's death in all he was involved with manifesting again.

James Comey was running cover up in this series of events, not for Hillary Clinton, but for the deep state. That veil has been lifted with Comey's firing. I desire each of you to examine the above three scandals and answer were any of these not known?

All were known. Russian hacking was a non event and was aimed at Donald Trump, so it was not deep state criminally connected. The Clintons or DNC was not going to be charged for lying about blaming Russians on the DNC documents, and in this climate Hillary Clinton is not going to be charged over stealing a democratic election from Bernie Sanders.
Once you comprehend the above, in none was even thought of in 2016 when Seth Rich was murdered and amount to nothing now to the deep state.............then the red lights should begin going off, because it points to the revelation of just what in the hell was Seth Rich connected with, that his murder was covered up by direct orders from the federals in the deep state.

This is the focal point in this and as an investigator that point is the point. What would cause Seth Rich to be murdered on a DC street in what appears more and more is not an act of random violence, but one in which Rich was the target.

It goes back to that red light in Seth Rich leaving the DNC. Someone as in at least two people who police noted were on camera did not want Seth Rich leaving the DNC, DC and going to New York.

The violence against Seth Rich does not appear random. That points to the conclusions of no one is going to hide in an alley for hours all night waiting for Rich to pass by. No one has that kind of lurking ability as the chances are they would be discovered by neighbors or they would fatigue, unless having military training.
That points to a reasonable assumption that Seth Rich was being tracked by his cell phone or he had contact with those he was murdered by and expected a meeting with them on a street corner, as what Rich was involved with was that cloak and dagger.
It would not make any sense in this was Wikileaks, so that points to this perhaps had nothing to do with Rich having been discovered in the leaks. It once again points to someone did not want Seth Rich leaving Washington DC for New York.

In inquiry the matrix points to Seth Rich was cutting ties with a group of connected and powerful people in DC who he had become involved with. By the reactions of the media and what Sean Hannity is unloaded on with, this is the power which rocks the cradle of the world. They are hiding something not in the headlines, but something which appears that Seth Rich was their possession and such a threat that it violated what they were connected to.

Seth Rich was not robbed. Seth Rich was murdered. It seems lost on those like Sean Hannity that someone murdered Seth Rich, that the overthrow of the American government is inadvertently connected with it, as is a global war, and the weak spot is Seth Rich now exposing it all, and as Seth Rich was murdered over a great deal less to cover up events, it is now a situation where Mockingbird is covering up hemorrhaging events and if this does not work then more extreme measures will be acted upon by those who originated the original cover up.

What will follow is logically the media will continue the cover up, the deep state will not permit an examination of evidence by the police state, and another revelation will weaken the cover story and expose more of the reality of the events which surround Seth Rich.

Sean Hannity should be keeping notes in just who it is progressing this cover up.

The Shame of Defaming Seth Rich

The conspiracy theorizing has to stop.
Seth Rich was 27 when he was killed on a dark street in a sketchy neighborhood in the nation’s capital last July. He has become world-famous in the past month because his corpse is being used as a proxy in the war over the reputation of Donald J. Trump. Enraged media figures on the Right who believe Trump is being unjustly accused of colluding with Russia have turned to the Rich story to offer their audiences an alternate potential crime to chew on—one in which they can hint at the possibility that Democrats had one of their own killed.

Sketchy neighborhood, the Mockingbird script is being well written and generated, as the tools of Tavistock and Stanford are being unleashed attempting to deflect this once again onto the Russian hacking cover story, smearing Donald Trump to reach public reactions and to silence Sean Hannity.
It all points to those who did not desire to let go of Seth Rich and as the cover story has holes in it, this is the Edward Lansdale patch up.

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