Saturday, June 24, 2017

A Son of a Traitor

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Lost to most of you is a history of a Family of American Traitors.

Most of you are aware that Senator John McCain was a traitor in the Vietnam War, in being released from his collaborator quarters in Hanoi being able to walk, and then suddenly appearing on crutches when he appeared before Richard Nixon.

But this is not the first McCain who collaborated with the enemy to the harm of America.

John McCain's father was Rear Admiral John McCain Sr. and in the closing days of World War II, he literally wanted to protect the nation which bombed Pearl Harbor and was torturing and murdering Americans, including POW's.

The issue was Kure Naval Shipyard, where the last of the Japanese Imperial Navy was housed. Considering the Kamikaze nature of the Japanese in this era, imagine if a main line Japanese ship had slipped out of Kure and drove into a convoy of American transports with tens of thousands of US Soldiers on board, and detonated her magazines?
This is what Admiral McCain was protecting in stating that the Japanese were no longer a threat. Yes the  most powerful battleships in the world, were no longer a threat according to the elder McCain.

In July 1945 the IJN's remaining large warships were concentrated near the major naval base of Kure. The ships were effectively immobilized due to fuel shortages and were being used only as stationary anti-aircraft batteries. Admiral John S. McCain, Sr., the commander of the Fast Carrier Task Force, strongly opposed attacking Kure as he and his staff believed that the ships only posed a minor threat

For the "no threat" of John McCain sr. this also includes this photo of miniature Japanese submarines laying at Kure Island which would have been sent out on suicide missions in US ships.


Fortunately for America, there was not a traitor in command of US 3rd Fleet in Admiral Halsey, who promptly launched his strike force and smashed the remaining Japanese fleet at Kure, leaving only two main line ships to dispatch.

Japanese battleship Haruna under attack on 28 July

That is the real history and the complete facts of the matter. Admiral McCain should have faced court martial, and saved the world from his treacherous son who has done nothing but aid communists and terrorists for the 50 years of his anti American career.

This is the Family of Traitors, the McCains.