Saturday, June 24, 2017

Democrat Don: Now Trump is Banning Guns

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I conclude that there is not any difference between the sheep on the left and the bleat on the right, they are the same mutton who will follow whatever gets up on two legs and lies to the fleeced that they are not being led to the slaughter.

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Proof of  this is........


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The only telling part in this, is no one voted as the chops on the right are burned out and do not give a damn to prop up Democrat Don as why the hell should they vote for Jeb Bush in Hillary's crusty old panties.

The focus of this post on Democrat Don, is Donald Trump just banned an entire division of firearms, just like Obama did and just like Clinton did. So there is no difference between Trump Brand, Obama division and Clinton label, as banned guns are banned guns.

What is behind this is "more Russian sanctions", this time by Donald Trump in now denying women the right to own and carry affordable firearms. Yes Donald Trump just banned Americans the right of owning firearms produced by a Russian manufacturer that even Obama, Bush and Clinton had left untouched.

The U.S. Department of the Treasury is adding Molot-Oruzhie, OOO to the list of banned Russian and Ukrainian separatist companies. Molot makes the popular Vepr family of sporting rifles and shotguns, somewhat based on the AK design.

Well, L'Chaim!!!!

Yes it was none other than that swinder Steve Mnuchin who was behind this, as what could be better than disarming Americans, while John McCain is pressing for Donald Trump to arm those Nazi's of Ukraine to start nuclear world war with Russia.

“These designations will maintain pressure on Russia to work toward a diplomatic solution,” added Treasury Secretary Steven T. Mnuchin. “This administration is committed to a diplomatic process that guarantees Ukrainian sovereignty, and there should be no sanctions relief until Russia meets its obligations.”
This will have a significant effect on the American shooting community. Vepr products are popular with just about every segment of gun owners. They are in common use for competition shooting, hunting and self-defense.
Vepr shotguns, in particular, are frequently used for tactical shooting sports. There is a large aftermarket industry that caters to these guns and it will take a serious hit in the near and long term due to these new sanctions.

In return in the last round of sanctions, the people who got screwed over most were European farmers. Yes, let's put sanctions on Russia over Nazi's in Ukraine, and who gets hurt, but the people who actually are trying to earn a living.

Russia has already imposed an embargo on imports of a broad range of European farm produce.

I decided to check who it was that was not included in these Trump gun ban sanctions, and by miracle the first Obama sanctions left out Ivanka and Jared Kushner's liberal consorts in the oil, technology and Hillary Clinton's nuke me if they are LaVoy Finicum uranium trade.
SERIOUSLY, let's have more radioactivity in the world, but what Democrat Don focuses on is getting rid of more guns?

But the gas industry, space technology and nuclear energy are excluded from sanctions

Granted the EU is the one, especially Germany who is getting hosed down by Trump sanctions on Russia, but all the same you will notice one glaring thing in this, if you understand the reality of Globalist Donald Trump.

The EU does much more business with Russia than the US does.

What did Trump just ban? Guns.

He banned them from Americans.

Who makes American guns? It is not Americans primarily, as the majority of American brands are Belgium owned, Turkish created in the massive Fabrique Nationale of Europe, just like it's counterpart the massive German concern of Heckler and Koch, which arms regimes worldwide.

This is about MARKET SHARE, and the same attack upon American gun owners in expensive ammunition and firearms under Obama, now has Donald Trump cutting off further Russian affordable firearms to America, in order to hinder the Kalashnikov concern of Russia which is in competition with these goddamn global arms traders fleecing Americans with their too high priced guns.

That is what is behind Democrat Don's new policy. He lets the globalists continue to do business with Russia just like the Rockefellers did during the Cold War, while farmers and gun owers get destroyed again......oh and what are European farmers doing? Why telling Monsanto to go to hell in their genetic frankenfoods, so who gets targeted in this, but those same farmers the globalists are trying to ruin.

There bleaters on the right are senseless. They are absolutely vacuous of what Donald Trump does is just an amplified version of Barack Hussein Obama. The NRA is now selling insurance instead of protecting American gun owners, and here is another batch of firearms banned from United State Citizen ownership, not because they are dangerous, but because according to President Trump it is an art of the deal to infringe on American gun owner rights.

From this point on, Donald Trump is going to be defined by what he is, in his new title of Democrat Don, because an American would never deal away the rights of Americans in owning guns to prop up Nazis in Ukraine.

Donald Trump just banned entire classes of personal firearms.

This is not astrophysics,” chief strategist Stephen K. Bannon said. “You solidify your base and you grow your base by getting things done. That’s what people want to see.”

No Mr. Bannon it is not astrophysics to comprehend that solidifying your base means not banning guns and not supporting Nazi in Ukraine, but apparently Democrat Don, needs to.......well at least dust off his toes and do some counting on them as Mr. President is having problems with the basics of 1 + 1 = 2.

An Mr. Bannon, whatever happened to the Trump directive of any department puts on one regulation and 2 have to come off? Can you tell us which two divisions of firearms that Treasury has removed from gun bans please or is Mr. President now violating this own orders?

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