Thursday, June 15, 2017

Acting President Joaquin Phoenix

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry is simply delighted with word that the best actor of our age, Joaquin Phoenix has been in a relationship with a Rooney Mara, after they filmed together a year ago. Obviously as Mr. Phoenix is with this beautiful woman, we know she is a wonderful person and needs absolutely no other comment.

Mr Phoenix is a very fit Chuck Norris, in carrying his own Brown Belt in Korean Karate and typically leaves one thinking upon seeing him, "What would Joaquin do?", because we all can rest assured that if it was President Joaquin Phoenix, none of the disappointments and worries we now have would have ever manifested, as Joaquin Phoenix always knows what to do.

Simply review my wonderful scripts for fixing the Batman franchise that Ben Affleck destroyed, in Affleck upon hearing of this fled the film, as he simply knows he could not measure up to Joaquin Phoenix.

If it was up to me for the next 100 days of Donald Trump in the 200 days, I would simply appoint Joaquin Phoenix Acting President and Mr. Phoenix would keep Mr. Trump's word in the Trump Contract With America, and fulfill every word of it, as Joaquin Phoenix is simply that kind of gentleman.

I could see great possibilities in this, in a television series, as docudrama, a reality tv called the PHOENIX WING, which River Phoenix would star as President. As I am very good at this creative stuff, and casting, let us cast the characters who we want.

Clint Eastwood would play Mike Pence as we need honor.

Chuck Norris would play Rex Tillerson as we need self control.

Sylvester Stallone would play Mad Dog Mattis as we need intelligence.

Dolly Parton would play Kellyanne Conway as we need larger breasts to comfort us.

A monkey would play Reince Priebus

Peewee Herman would play Jared Kushner

Peewee Herman would play Ivanka Kushner

A rat would play Paul Ryan

and lastly, starring as Steve Bannon, Tom Selleck as no one else can.

One simply could rest assured that Kim Jong Un, Vladimir Putin and Xi would all simply respond to this cast and to acting President Joaquin Phoenix.

If Mr. Phoenix turns down the Presidency, I do have a script for him as a spaceship captain, which I know he would excel at, as the greatest actor of our age, and would cement his career forever as no matter what Joaquin Phoenix undertakes he is absolutely fabulous.

A brown belt in karate and Joaquin Phoenix, the greatest actor of our age, what more could any woman or nation desire.