Thursday, June 15, 2017

The Walk of Life

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I really like Sean Hannity's producer Linda McLaughlin. She reminds me of that first punch in the mouth that stings in a fight, and gets you up and going to remedy the situation, but you wonder how you are going to feel about it tomorrow or the next year.

Linda is a Christian, who goes to a rental Catholic church, which I take to mean she is Catholic without all the Vatican chit. She has a mouth on her that would melt an ice age, and mothers Sean Hannity like a fantastic butler, and all I see in her is the reality if I worked in the White House, I would hire her to be my Chief of Staff, as she really shines through that microphone.

I looked for photos of her and the top one is apparently her, and enough of the others resemble her, as you would be surprised in looking for her how many times Jessica Alba comes up or Rush Limbaugh. Maybe if you crossed Limbaugh's gay sperm with Alba's eggs, you would get a Linda. Am sure if you had a morph program that it might come out to looking like something like that.

Anyway here is the wonderful, God's gift to Sean Hannity, Linda.

This is Deb Wailana or something, but she looks like Linda as apparently lots of people do.


I like this photo of Duck Dynasty, as I thought Linda was Sean's wife, named Sean's wife, but she looks like Linda.

This particular photo is my favorite one, as when Linda has dark hair she looks like Wonder Woman and when Sean Hannity wears a btichin' stache he looks like Gabe Caplan from Welcome Back Cotter.


Then this is Linda in charge of the entire staff.

So anyway that is the exclusive expose' of Linda McLaughlin, the brains, beauty and talent behind Sean Hannity, a woman I think who could be a good choice as Vice President, as she is  in charge and I could help her get to be Vice President as my Chief of Staff in the White House, and I would not have to show up as she would do all the work, mutter things about me in four letter phrases, and I would reward her with things I would steal off of military flights like 200 dollar Nancy Pelosi cognac.

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