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America in Jeopardy

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In the wake of the witch hunt against President Donald Trump in the #NeverTrumpers and #ForeverObamas coup to bring down the President, the distraction is hiding a series of events which all are not connecting the dots to, and it all begins in the MI6 and Mosaad sponsored attack against the Persian Islamocommunists in which Iran directly blamed the United States.

Iran blames US, Saudi Arabia for Tehran attacks - Daily Sabah

... Arabia of supporting the dual attacks in a move to ... Guard accused the United States and Saudi Arabia of ... Iran blames US, Saudi Arabia for ...

For those who have forgotten the history of America and Iran, in 1988 the US Navy shot down an Iranian passenger jet in Flight 655.

The Vincennes' downing of Iran Air Flight 655: The United ...

... it's worth looking back at another doomed passenger plane—Iran Air ... Not long after the shoot-down, Iran asked the United ... America might have ...

The Iranians bid their time until TWA Flight 800 which they shot down in retaliation off of New York.

The Missiles That Brought Down TWA Flight 800

A similarly implausible excuse was used to explain the 1996 explosion of TWA flight 800 off ... documentary that TWA 800 was shot down by a missile.

 This was the biggest cover up since the assassination of John F. Kennedy, because the Clinton's knew if the Truth came out, it would mean war, and the Clinton administration knew it was Iran who shot this aircraft down.
Richard Clarke oversaw a massive cover up, in which the FBI harassed and hounded witnesses as in Dallas 1963 AD in the year of our Lord as the NTSB produced a fake report covering up a missile shot down this aircraft in an act of war.

America is again left holding the bag in the terror attack in Tehran and Iran holds America responsible. The Iranians always retaliate, no matter how long it takes. The difference this time, in the time line, is that Iran knows it does not have years to retaliate and diffuse the situation, as Donald Trump's neocons in HR McMaster has been attempting to pin down Russia in Europe for a strike against Iran.

This has been compounded in Sec. of State Rex Tillerson has been firing up the rhetoric for months as his primary focus as an enemy has been Iran, and Tillerson is telling the world that America faces regime change.

Regime change means to the communists of Iran, that they will all be hung by American / Jewish assets who will take control in Tehran.

Tillerson Endorses Regime Change in Iran

By Stephen Lendman

Iran has had handed to it, the unwitting dupes of North Korea in propaganda, threatening to detonate a nuclear bomb in New York. The Persians have complete cover now for an attack on America and with some clever uranium signature material pointing is Asia, Iran has the cover for a nuclear TWA 800.

North Korea Threatened to Destroy New York With Nuclear ...

North Korea has responded harshly, albeit late, to a comment tweeted by President Donald Trump early this year by threatening the Republican leader's hometown of New ...

The Iranian communists have a proven history of heinous retaliation on America whether it was America in error or America being blamed for another intelligence service operation. This is compounded now by the distractions of this insurrection being waged by coup plotters funded by Soros, politicized by Obama and Clinton with this lynch master Robert Mueller creating the diversion to get Trump, while the Trump administration is distracted and not apparently having an intelligence group which has connected these dots of America in jeopardy.

The Obama regime produced a still secret treaty by John Kerry, whose contents are still shrouded, but allowed for Iran to possess nuclear weapons. Iran worked closely with North Korea which has thermonuclear miniaturized nuclear weapons, so it concludes Iran has the same weapons.

The Trump administration inherited this entire scenario and has telegraphed Iran is on borrowed time. Iran knows their time like Syria is coming by the HR McMaster and Tillerson focus upon Iran. Iran now has reason to retaliate and to create such an event to divert attention from them to someone else, and to so cripple America, so Iran retains it's hegemony and without American support, Iran's Sunni enemy in Saudi Arabia collapses as much as her Jewish enemy in Tel Aviv.

The dots are all connected and this scenario supports the European Seers in the Farmer of Krems vision.

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