Sunday, June 18, 2017

National Subway Agency

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Like everyone reading this we hear of the NSA, but have no idea where this fictional place is, as it must be next Oz or just west of Shanghai.

I looked it up and the address  is Ft. Meade, so I went into Google earth and started poking around, sure enough Fort Meade showed up with all the amenities like Subway and elementary schools, but no NSA. So I started space cruising to have a look around Ft. Meade and I came across this, and I immediately wondered what is up with all the parking lots.

I kept going north and found more acres of parking lots, and then up popped the NSA in the middle of acres of autos.

 So this is the money shot of the NSA, of the place when it is not FBI Stingray or CIA Cherrytree not sucking up your internet presence, sucking up your processor output. The good news is there is  an NSA Subway. No kidding that is what Google lists it as. I wonder who gets the franchise in that moneymaker as with thousands of cars one would think Subway would not have to be charging 8 bucks for a sandwich as the NSA chow line must produce immense profits.

Sort of hard to believe all these people have security clearances like that Reality Winner psycho and it seems their jobs are prominently just making every one's life miserable. They do some good, as I heard of a General who appeared and ordered a contractor to do a search on the boyfriend of his daughter, as he needed checking out.
I wonder how many stock market tips end up on a flash drive at NSA or video of Ivanka Trump inserting Long Johns, for some lesbians to profit or pleasure off of.

It must be pure hell to be told you are smarter than the average turnip and from Google earth you look like a fricking ant colony, hauling around the queen's eggs, fresh from her vulva ant lips.
One wonders if any normal people work there,  as there is not a square city block showing any type of organization and sanity in the entire complex.

Subway's probably have their buns all odd shaped too.