Friday, June 30, 2017


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Jeff Rense had on a most interesting creator in Sophia Stewart, the Mother of the Matrix, so to speak. It was her creative mind which produced such film dynasties as Terminator and The Matrix.

The real matrix is another mother of all creation.

I have been tracking events trending and the foundation of coming events appears to be based in the cyberwarefare attacks in Europe. It appears more than cash hiding schemes in previous manifestations. This time the cartel appears to want things to fall from the heavens.

It reads that the Americans will not experience this trojan horse.

Cyber attack could lead to military retaliation, says Fallon


4:50 AM 7 - 1 - 17


8:38 AM 7 - 4 - 17

moved 10:46 PM  7 - 5 - 17


It appears something else is occurring in the time line. Things were settling out in the trending as of last week June. The surges and pulses with this coup and counter coup in America keep resetting events. As the time line has passed June 25, in certain sources pulled assets out of the Sea of Japan ending that situation, the energies have reset. It appears something unique is transpiring like a snakes tongue flicking in it being forked for one purpose. The cyber branch in Europe and another which was the main tracking event.
The grandmasters are not informing the pawns. Due to popularity concerns I am not touching any of this, but only making record of it, as what has been posted concerning the Sea of Japan and other events have reset the time line and I will not interfere as this is none of my concern any more,  and only post from internet links of what others are nattering about.

 It is a point of the dates of the Pur. We will see what is and what will be.

The 2017 Pur

So very many rudders in the pond though deflecting the currents. Under which shell though is the pea.

The Pentagon has finished revising its options against North Korea and will soon present them to President Donald Trump, American officials say.
The package includes a military response and would be handed over to Trump in case of a new missile or nuclear warhead test that indicates the North has made significant progress in developing weapons capable of hitting the US, CNN reported Thursday, citing two officials.
The news came only a day after US National Security Adviser HR McMaster confirmed the preparation of some military options.