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A Moment in Hitler and Stalin

There are some images showing Nazis in more light-hearted moments of the campaign - including a cute kitten sat in a German jack boot

Russian kitten preferring the German Jack Boot Occupation


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Daily Mail featured some interesting propaganda from World War II in Russia, during Operation Barbarossa on the Eastern Front. The captions of course blame the Nazi's and include the fiction of millions of Jews being slaughtered by the Germans deliberately. If one bothers though to look at the photos for what they are, one begins to reason and see history for what it is.

Let us begin with this photo of "Russian" prisoners.

Russian prisoners can be seen huddled together in the haunting images, awaiting their fate at the hands of the Nazis

If you look closely at this group one is distinctly east Asian, with numbers being Mideastern, in the products of the Ottoman rape of the Russian borders for centuries, in the cross breed population. These are not Russians, but are in effect the non Russian serf or slave class, which Stalin used as human fodder, in the great crime again humanity.
If you look closely, these people are alive, and had not been executed by the Germans, and were being cared for and fed. That is humane treatment.

Next photo,  is Russian prisoners of war. The photo states that Russians were forced to life in squalid cramped conditions. So were the Germans who survived. The Americans killed off millions of Germans after the war in worse conditions, and the Soviets murdered Germans by the millions and raped the women by millions more.
In addition this photo brings up a completely different subject of 1 million Jews were killed by Germans. If one replaces Jew with the word COMMUNIST, then yes the German Nazi systematically in regions they conquered shot the commissars to the cheers of the people above, and to the delight of the people who were ruled by these  ruthless communists, who had been calling for the genocide of Germans.

The Russian prisoners were forced to live in squalid, cramped conditions. More than a million Soviet Jews were murdered by death squads and gassing as part of the Holocaust

Next photo, is entitled Jews Made To Work, as they were marched through the street by German guards. The problem is there are no guards to be seen, and these Jews if you look at their faces are HAPPY and have absolutely no fear of the Germans. The reason is these Jews were JEWS, and not commissars of the communist regime.
They were delighted to be LIBERATED BY THE GERMANS. Yes that is a fact in numerous areas after being starved, raped, forced to serve in the military in suicide squads and treated like animals, welcomed Germans in setting them free.
These peoples had a history of being subjects from Poland to the Vatican and it was unpleasant for them.

The photograph, entitled 'Jews are led to work', shows the Nazi guards forcing Jewish prisoners to march through the streets before being made to work

Next photo is of Jewish Bolshevik women, who look unhappy, but then they were the Soviet elite, and if you examine several of them, they are military dressed. They also are looking out open windows, are clean, well fed, and not trying to escape or are fearful of  Germans.
Take any ruling elite from their luxury and put them into a dormitory, and you will have a few sullen, but most will be looking out the window and flirting with the Germans.

'Capture of Bolshevik women': Officers told their soldiers to target people who were described as "Jewish Bolshevik subhumans

Next photo, Stalin;s son Yakov, saved by the Nazi's, as all Russian Soldiers were when they surrendered. The Russian was marched out, most to being pleased to not be fodder for Stalin, and in turn existed in camps, waiting for the war to end, so they could go home and live under German rule, which was far better than Stalin's gulags.

'Stalin's son a prisoner': Richthofen's previously unseen snap of Stalin's son Yakov after his capture near Smolensk in July 1941

Did Jews die in World War II? Yes they did, but not in the numbers nor in the ways the propaganda portrays it. Many fought for Germany, some fought for Russia, and died as Soldiers.
The Nazi as a whole treated conquered peoples better than the Romans ever did, and as after the war evidence piled up, better than the Russians or Americans did.

Where there atrocities? Yes on every side, but the Germans did not gang rape entire nations as Russia did, nor did they prostitute women for food as Americans did.
Considering the cesspools that Germany conquered, those people were in many cases better off, as most had not progressed in the least since the Czar's reforms to the Serfs, which got the Czar murdered by Jewish revolutionaries in the 19th century.
It is all a matter of the Truth of history and all it entails in the entire picture.

And with that the final photo of what is the propanda of an entire city bombed out as Germans liberated it, and as Germans were there, because Stalin would have been doing the same things to Germans had he invaded first, is the little island, which contains a Christian Russian Orthodox Church. The Germans too care to not destroy that building of faith, and to the credit of the Russian Soldiers, they did not bastardize it by trying to hide bombs or snipers in it making it a target.

The devastated town of Merkin in Operation Barbarossa - homes and buildings across the town have been completely destroyed as the enemy launched their rampage

People are always lied to, but if you really look at the photos, you start noticing things which are the Truth, and you begin to realize that you are being lied to.

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