Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Boob Bots: The Russian Hacking Scandal

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Frequently to show solidarity with the Viking, we endure the Minneapolis television station of KSTP ABC, due the allure of comforting breasts upon that station. I forget the anchorbabe's name, but she is not Jessica Miles, so tonight we were watching the news and I said, "Wow who is the new anchorbabe with comforting breasts?"
She looked like the hills of Killarney in wearing a green field, that some poor Ivanka Trump Chinese girl had to sow another yard of cloth to cover those big mounds of greenery, and then I noticed it was WCCO CBS, and I said, "How did that happen?"

It was Jennifer Mayerele and the poor girl has to work with two aliens, meaning two males who look like they came from outerspace or the space between George Takei's genitals.

Any way this is comforting breasts Jen.

It is big news in the Twin Cities about Mexican cops hosing down Afroids reaching for guns, but no one listens to Takei ball chaff or shooting sports, when there are comforting breasts on screen.

That is when I discovered another fake news moment like CNN on Russian Collusion with Donald Trump. Just look what the Lame Cherry uncovered.

Yes D Cup Comforting Breasts Jen, is B Cup Pointy Boobs Jen which is not very comforting. Every child has terrifying memories of being attacked by a pointy nipple or jabbed by a Playtex plastic nip, and it all translates into lower viewer ratings. Norah O'Donnell on CBS is a prime example of her man pants in attempting to bridge the gap from Boob Bots to Cock Bots.

It is highly disturbing to discover and uncover a complete conspiracy of females on television, creating fake news, also having fake boobs to convince the audience they really are D Cup Comforting Breasts.

I terms this BOOB BOTS, like Mark Zuckerberg runnings bots to steer revenue to Facebook, as these are clearly non Russian fake boobs steering viewers in the Twin Cities from ...........I forget her name, as she is not Jessica Miles, but steering viewers from less chested ABC to fake chested CBS.

As you can ascertain, old Minnesotan males who are used to boobs that are 90 years old, sagging to the knees will accept Boob Bots, and be quite happy to be allured by a young blonde's attention, until the story airs, and they receive public scorn over appearing with the scandal of lacking comforting breasts in a news story.


But this does not negate the major scandal of magic breasts appearing which inflate and deflate.

Look, I have no problem with Cuppie Chics.. Sure your boobs sweat when you put big silicon cups over your breasts and hoist them into a bra, so it feels like..........well it feels like you have wrapped your breasts in plastic warp and it is a form of Dick Cheney waterboard torture, but some girls just have to go the extra torture mile, because they can not all be Esme Murphy, intrepid reporting journalist of WCCO CBS, who does not have magic breasticles as she is intrepid reporting journalist Esme Murphy of WCCO CBS.

It is just that women used to flash their legs if they did not have comforting breasts. See Jen used to flash legs when she was out boozing it up with lipstick lezbos or whatever this news report is about, as she does seem to pose a great deal with male lesbians too.'

I fully expect President Trump to being tweeting about fake tits, and soon release an Executive Order about Comforting Breasts, and for the Supreme Court to make a decision on concealed carry permits for cuppies.

Any way this is another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter, as I show solidarity with the Viking in his suffering through this fake cuppie scandal, which is sure to develop into a national scandal of the examination of females like Charlie Rose enticing viewers with their large comforting breasts.