Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Just a Lesson Creation

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This post is simply about exposing the bogus science of global warming to eons of earth sculpting in all events, as there was this beach in Ireland, 33 years ago which a storm voided of all sand.

Then there was this 10 day tidal surge which did this.

So we got God's Nature not destroying things, but repairing herself as she always does, and could give a dick about mankind affecting things, as what the Lord gives, the Lord takes away. Mankind is about as dangerous to the planet as a hill of ants. Same effect really.

 Like a beaver makes a pond out of a forest by cutting it down and flooding it, fills it with fish, and ducks, and babes with dogs show up to beautify it.

See old forest ugly with goddamn malaria ugly mosquitoes and goddamn ugly poison fang spiders and goddamn ugly fever ticks.

See beaver at the pond is attractive.

.......and final proof, God puts sand on an Irish beach, because He no doubt took it away, as only ugly Irish women and dogs were tracking it up, and the sand comes back, and pretty Icelandic women seed the beach

So any way, God creates the world of life in 6 days and rests on day 7, and puts in a beaver pond in like 7 days too and puts sand on Irish beaches in 10.

Iceland chics are harder to please than beaver.

Nuff Said