Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Cheese They are Not

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I like reading the British press as they have a fixation for American celebrities, but the problem is I do not have any idea who most of these celebrities are, and in most cases with Kim Kardashian's big ass grossing me out, I do not care to look too close.

In that though in this series, I happened upon some ghastly looking women, liberal women, who really should have some man around to tell them their best days are behind them, and they should best serve the world on their knees with some pretty female playing on a wide screen television.......difficult to know who from the past should be on screen as Meredith Baxter became unattractive too.

First up we have Reese Witherspoon, animal activist nut, and now just needs to pose with elephants to look good.
Honestly she looks like she is auditioning to play McCaulay Culken in the McCaulay Culkin life story.

Damn lookin' like a dude is not Bruce Jenner.



 Then we got Claire Danes. I suffered through her in Les Miserables, but life really took a toll on her, as she looks like she will be Arnold Schwartzenegger in his life story about not being able to follow Donald Trump in television or politics.

This is one ugly guy gal.


 This bunch must all shop for jock straps after the make up comes off as this is after they got the million dollar make up on.

Lastly, there is every nasty woman's co marcher in Scarlett Johanssen looking like.....well you will see if you have not puked on your screen from looking at all this lovely.

Woman looks like she's taking her 3rd session of perpetual chemo therapy as she hopes to be cast as David Duchovney's life story of X FILED.


This stuff should like be exiled to France where  they are used to dealing with things like this as parading it around in public is just more than the public can deal with.

Liberal women need labeling, like best if used before this date as cheese they are not, in improving with age.