Monday, June 19, 2017

Analysis of the USS Fitzgerald and ACX Crystal Collision

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In monitoring the media and online posting of the collusion between the USS Fitzgerald and the cargo ship, ACX Crystal, there have been some very interesting comments which are all point to blaming the Americans and looking to lynch them for this event, based upon the law of the sea in starboard or right side ships are to defer to other ships, and as the Crystal was damaged port or left side, it was therefore the American's liability.

In forensic examination of the evidence though something is amiss, as the American ship has active radars that nothing in the air, on the ocean surface or under the sea, can not be active in it's radar sphere without that Aegis defense system being aware of it. This ship was designed to protect aircraft carriers in being the carrier's defense. It is impossible for the Aegis system to not keep track of hundreds of objects and yet a container ship struck the Fitzgerald.

Speed of the two vessels were 18 knots or 20 mph for the Crystal and  it will be assumed in this heavy traffic area the Fitzgerald would have been moving at like speeds, and not maximum speed  of 25 knots or 28 mph.

It is the photographs which reveal the story of this collision. If one examines the Fitzgerald and Crystal, two distinct impacts are revealed.
To understand the ships, the Crystal had a protruding bow under the water, in the Civil War this would have been termed a ramming prod. In modern seacraft the bow assists in moving through the seas and to roll water off the ship to make progression easier.

In examining the Fitzgerald, it is conclusive this ship was struck, starboard side or not, this ship was broadsided in the crew's quarters, by the protruding bow, exactly as a torpedo would be deployed.

In examination of the Crystal, it is conclusive proof the ship was involved in a shearing event or a sideswipe. Meaning, the Fitzgerald was struck at an angle as if targeted and the Fitzgerald was either beginning evasive action in being surprised, which it could not have been, or the Fitzgerald was steady on course, and it was the Crystal which was tracking the America ship to ram her.


Those points are telling as the Crystal was driving toward the Fitzgerald. Furthermore, the Crystal continued on in not offering support or acknowledging the collusion.
There was not a 'general quarters sounded' to prepare for the collision.  This is proven by the commander still in his berth and all the sailors still in their quarters.

Conclusions can be arrived at in this based upon known facts.

The Aegis system can not be breached, and yet it was. This concludes:

  1. The Aegis system was inoperative.
  2. The Aegis system was breached and spoofed, hiding the Crystal.
  3. The radar operator was compromised and did not report the proximity of the Crystal.

The Crystal has additional absolutes.

  1. Merchant ships utilize auto navigation for money saving measures.
  2.  The Crystal changed course.
  3. The Crystal rammed the Fitzgerald

Hypothetical scenario would point to a 3rd party directed the use of the Crystal as a torpedo against the American ship. This would require intelligence on American ships in the area, travel routes and the knowledge of containers ships to be utilized in this operation.
If one of the most advanced radar systems was not spoofed, then it would point to collusion on the American ship in the radar station, as radar operates and would be aware of the Crystal, as a watch commander could not hide the radar, only the commands.

As the Crystal changed course and tracked the American ship, it would indicate it was boarded by foreign parties to steer the ship, run the Crystal away, and then disembark the Crystal, as in a sheering strike the ship would not be stopped.
In this scenario, it would be a known which side to strike the Americans on to provide cover for an apparent terror strike.

In reviewing online reports, this is the probable conclusion which would verse a probable scenario.

As this is in North Korean theater, the North Koreans would be suspect, as the Crystal made runs often to Malaysia which is North Korean friendly. In addition, this was a US warship which threatened Pyongyang.

On the surface this would seem to be a correct conclusion, but what if instead a North Korea which had made overtures to America via international star Dennis Rodman in releasing a hostage in coma, that North Korea was not seeking confrontation with the United States.
What if another belligerent sought to frame North Korea, a nation which had just been struck with it's own ISIS terror event in Tehran, in the Iranians who blamed the United States.

What if Iranian operators instigated an operation in the waters of Japan,  to increase antagonisms between North Korea and the United States, by sinking a US warship to humiliate America and to distract the United States from regime change in Iran, and for a first retaliation of Iran on America over the Tehran terrorism, in America was framed in that in other parties.

The North Koreans do not have a large contingent of agents in the US military. The Muslim contingent overflows after Bush and Obama. It is possible on the above facts to reach conclusions that a controlling entity steered the American ship blind and that there was intelligent design on Crystal which deliberately turned a container ship into a torpedo for an attack on the United States.

There are only several likely players:

Russia, but Russia seeks to defuse the situation with North Korea and not escalate it, nor point more Russian hacking fingers at Moscow in having spoofed an Aegis radar defense.

China, same policy as Russia, as China desires a continuance of North Korea, not a radioactive Pyongyang nor an American beachhead on the Yalu.

North Korea, Kim wants a united North Korea. He is winning with not striking America in America stood down with 3 carriers. An attack on America would mean strikes on North Korea which would destabilize Kim's regime.

The last culprit is Iran. It would fit Iranian objectives to save itself from being another Syria, in raising tensions in the Asian theater between America and North Korea, by framing North  Korea and by clandestinely seeking revenge on American efforts in Syria, Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf.

The quietness of the stories on this, points to some type of undercurrent is suspected in this was an attack, which will be retaliated for covertly by the United States.
This would fit the bin Laden, jets as missiles, and Iranian communists being clever to utilize the same scenario in utilizing a ship as a torpedo, and lay the blame on ISIS which is again quiet over this scenario.

Analysis concluded in another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter

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