Saturday, June 3, 2017

Child Abuser Kathy Griffith Attempts the Cry Me a Pardon Defense


Confirms 'going direct for Barron' in act...

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It is the most disturbing of conditions and circumstances to watch Kathy Griffith in her crimes do a crocodile tears impersonation of the master, Hillary Clinton, in attempting to cry her way out of a terrorism charges against the Trump family.

Griffith appearing before the press, mimicked Hillary Clinton's talking points on Clinton's election defeat in running the gambit of:

It was Trump's fault.

It is Stephen Colbert and Bill Maher's fault in misogyny as they do not answer or their statements.

And she cried..........sort of, at least not enough to make the ladled on mascara run.

What is most disturbing about Kathy Griffith's performance in denying her terrorism, is that she tried to lump herself into the category of Bill Maher blow job jokes and Stephen Colbert cock sucking jokes about the President, when cutting someones head off is a bit different in body fluids and actions of terror, compared to cum splatter and enjoyment in oral sex.

Whether Kathy Griffith is this far gone mentally or she thinks terrorism is comedy, is perhaps something another psychotic woman in Rosie O'Donnell could answer as O'Donnell did a staunch defense of KSM who was part of cutting off Daniel Pearl's head in Pakistan.

Griffith is a manifestation of Clinton Hatestyria. She embarked on a laughing litany of her "comedy" in going "after presidents" in Monica's sperm stained dress and then George W. Bush and then Donald Trump, somehow either deeming a designer negro in Barack Obama could not handle scrutiny or Griffith simply hates white men as Hillary Clinton portrays often in detesting they have jobs.

Again though, Kathy Griffith in her wandering defense of terrorism against the Trump family, somehow equates sexual ejaculation with cutting off Donald Trump's head, as she twice went to this ludicrous "defense" in Bill Clinton, and her contemporary white comedians.

Kathy Griffith's "comedy" is now being reviewed, as her "comedy" is child abuse. She went after the children of Sarah Palin and has literally admitted that she targeted the underage son of President and First Lady Trump. That is bullying in any form and is against the law. Griffith is apparently an amoral creature though who it never occurs to that posing with the head of a parent of a child is something which is an assault on that child. That is a crime.

The Lame Cherry once again demands that the US Attorney in New York convene a Grand Jury to review the criminal child abuse and terrorism of Kathy Griffith, and when multiple counts for felony arrest are handed down, Kathy Griffith belongs before a Judge dispensing a sentence of 25 years to life on these numerous felony accounts.

Liberals have recognized this for the crossing the line, and proves that liberals actually have a limit to what they will tolerate in knowing what they public will accept. At least the other liberals, beside Kathy Griffith. It is going to be up to liberals to not just band Kathy Griffith from their events as Sen. Al Franken and CNN have embarked upon, but liberals are going to have to be the unseen hand making certain that Kathy Griffith goes behind bars, because with her  recent "defense" she has decided like Hillary Clinton to blame the innocent, to attack other liberals and blame them, and to further taint the liberal cause, and to alienate the public.

Literally, the coup against Donald Trump, led by Maxine Waters was having effect in drawing political blood. In one self serving and demented posting though, Kathy Griffith has made Donald Trump and his family the victims, and defused everything that Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi have engaged in, along with the Obama stalkers in the White House. Kathy Griffith literally undid Hillary Clinton's poor performance in her defense of her defeat, in the public has wed Griffith and Clinton as the same pariahs of the left.

This is the damage of Kathy Griffith, and she is not going away. She is going to keep appearing like a festering wound and bleed this issue out to the 2018 Democratic elections. She will continue to remind everyone of this heinous event, and in that it would serve the Trump Administration and the Democrats to indict this woman for their interests of security for the First Family and for liberals to rid themselves of the pariah which is Kathy Griffith, as this make Donald Trump the victim and any fence climbing at the White House is all going to be blamed on democrats, because Kathy Griffith will shift the blame to them again.

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