Saturday, June 3, 2017

The Scent of English Mutton

149 Dead So Far In Ramadan Attacks...

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

You do  remember the Lame Cherry warned that Theresa May called for those elections in England to cripple her mandate for Brexit right?

But let us not focus on that intrigue, but the wonderful Islamic unity which the Anglo's profess in their swarthy pets, even as the Muslims are turning the English into mutton.

Manchester: A city that won't be cowed by terror

We're not going to let them win. "We are frightened, of course we are, but do you know what? ... Manchester music legends rally behind bombing victim:: ...

...........and how is that working out for you English twits all kumbaya with your Muslims?

It would appear that Donald Trump jr. was right months ago.


March 22nd, and on June 6th, the third massive terror attack rips through England. The world is such a perfect Obama place dying under Merkel, Macron and May Madness.

It is time for the Supreme Court to get off it's collective ass, restore President Trump's travel ban immediately, and for President Trump to get off his ass, kick Jeff Sessions in the ass, and start arresting all those who endanger Americans in terrorism, from these liberal judges to the terrorists Mr. Trump keeps importing into these United States.