Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Civil Servant Mueller - Civil Tyrant Mueller

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Americans are receiving their first hard and cruel glimpse of the masters who torment their lives in Robert Mueller in the cast of regime employees he has hired to destroy Donald Trump and the American Dream which they elected him to fulfill.

What America is witnessing is the same Watergate, Iran Contra, Plamegate  Special Witch Hunter, not investigating the Truth, not seeking Justice, but a group of civil servants, the people you are the boss of and pay the salaries of, not being loyal, faithful or serving you, but instead having complete lock step allegiance to in the system they sold their souls to and will destroy nations, presidents, dreams and even you, in order to protect that system as they manifest in what they really are, as civil tyrants.

There is nothing in Robert Mueller which is focused on investigating, as has been revealed in the carte blanche he has afforded the crimes of his colluder James Comey. President Trump on the evidence which has begun this witch hunt, he should order Attorney General Jeff Sessions to immediately convene a Grand Jury to investigate Robert Mueller of collusion with James Comey, in effect the Attorney General belongs investigating Robert Mueller and not testifying before Congress.

It is beyond a doubt that President Trump and all of the American People should not be unconditionally cooperating with this witch hunt, but instead should be demanding that a Grand Jury be investigating everyone of these "investigators", as these are the faces of the civil tyrants protecting the system against Americans.

President Trump will not unconditionally cooperate with special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s recently opened investigation into Russia’s interference in the 2016 election and any possible coordination with the Trump campaign, a defense lawyer for Trump signaled on Sunday.
The lawyer, Jay Sekulow, also asserted that former FBI Director James B. Comey submitted for Mueller’s advance review the prepared testimony that he delivered last week to the Senate Intelligence Committee. Comey denied doing so in an exchange during that hearing.

In the first breaking examination of Robert Mueller's choices, it was a matter of fact as examined by Paul Rosenzweig of Homeland, that Mueller was hiring not investigators, but career civil tyrants whose entire careers have been involved in destroying everyone who challenges the system.

Paul Rosenzweig is the founder of Red Branch Consulting PLLC, a homeland security consulting company and a Senior Advisor to The Chertoff Group. Mr. Rosenzweig formerly served as Deputy Assistant Secretary for Policy in the Department of Homeland Security.He is a Professorial Lecturer in Law at George Washington University, an Adjunct Lecturer at Northwestern University, and a Visiting Fellow at The Heritage Foundation.

There are red lights flashing and sirens blaring in the assemblage of #NeverTrumpers who have signed onto this witch hunt. So you understand this, EVERY ONE of these people Mueller has chosen are all taking leave of high profile, high salary, high career advancement jobs, to sign onto this "investigation" to go after Donald Trump.
They are all democrat donors or donating to Trump haters. There is not one objective individual in this group, and even has an original Nixon hating Watergate coup plotter. Seriously, the next people I expect Robert Mueller to hire are Bill and Hillary Clinton as that is how non objective all of these Mueller choices are.

Michael R. Dreeben (born c. 1954) is the Deputy Solicitor General in charge of the U.S. Department of Justice criminal docket before the United States Supreme Court. He is recognized as an expert in U.S. criminal law. In 2017 he was enlisted by special counsel Robert Mueller to assist the investigation of Russia's interventions into the 2016 U.S. Presidential election.
Dreeben has a lengthy career in the Solicitor General's office, starting as an Assistant in 1988, then promoted to Deputy in 1995 In his first case before the Supreme Court, United States vs Halper (1989), he was opposed by John Roberts, who later became Chief Justice. In 2016 Dreeben became only the second person to argue 100 cases before the Supreme Court.

Michael Dreeben, donated $1,000 to Clinton 2006 and $250 to Obama in both 2007 and 2008.

Andrew Weissmann (born c. 1958) is a an American prosecutor with a management role on the 2017 special counsel team headed by Robert Mueller. To do so, Weissmann began to take a leave from his post leading the criminal fraud section of the U.S. Department of Justice.
Weissmann had prosecuted organized crime figures in the 1990s while in the U.S. Attorney’s office in the eastern district of New York. At DOJ, from 2002 to 2005, he ran the Enron Task Force, investigating dozens of people including Enron chief executives Kenneth Lay and Jeffrey Skilling. Weissmann was the FBI's general counsel from 2011 to 2013

Andrew Weissmann, a former Justice Department lawyer who now is at Jenner & Block, contributed $2,300 to Obama in 2008 and $2,000 to the DNC Services Corp. in 2006. 

James Quarles, who worked on the Watergate investigation as a young prosecutor, has an even longer history of supporting Democratic politicians. He gave $1,300 to Obama in 2007 and $2,300 in 2008. He also gave $2,700 to Clinton last year.

Jeannie Rhee, also worked as a lawyer for the Clinton Foundation and helped persuade a federal judge to block a conservative activist's attempts to force Bill and Hillary Clinton to answer questions under oath about operations of the family-run charity. Campaign-finance reports show that Rhee gave Clinton the maximum contributions of $2,700 in 2015 and again last year to support her presidential campaign. She also donated $2,300 to Obama in 2008 and $2,500 in 2011.

These are the civil tyrants. They have the entire police state behind them. They are necessary conduits of the global elite who unleash them from the deep state to genocide nations when they are at the Pentagon, steal ranches in the West when at the Department of Interior, or destroy an innocent Ray Donovan in the Reagan Administration or destroy an innocent Scooter Libby to try and get Vice President Dick Cheney.

This was all engineered against Donald Trump and no matter what he attempts, it will encircle him all the more, as this is a religion, a cult of regime, which they bow to and serve, and offer Presidents or paupers on the altar of, as this leviathan keeps consuming a nation like a viral cancer looking to jump to a new victim, because the corpses of history with names like the Czars of Russia, the German Empire, France, the British Empire and now the United States is being offered up.

President Trump sold out his base, and installed the West Wing Cabal of liberals convinced the compromise would save him, but still the coup continues against the President. The President will need to install fail safes to protect himself and then the President is will have to sooner or later engage in a putsch as George Washington did with Americans against the Tories or this coup will remove him as it has other Presidents and other innocents sacrificed for the system.

These are the civil tyrants protected by the police state which employs them, and they are more protected by the system than President Trump will ever be, until the day he gains absolute control over the system and makes it is own.