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Robert Mueller Illegally Received Stolen Property

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I wonder if there are enough forests for paper or coal for electricity to make a record of the James Comey lies and the collusion of Robert Mueller, who apparently received stolen Government property illegally as James Comey turned his memos over to Robert Mueller who while a Special Counsel, is not the FBI and therefore is not the proper conduit to be handing stolen Government property over to.

As the Lame Cherry first reported in a matter anti matter exclusive, there is the appearance that Robert Mueller handed out immunity to James Comey, or Mr. Comey should already be under arrest for his felonies which he confessed to.
This is compounded now it appears Mr. Mueller has handed out immunity to James Comey's best leaker in Professor Daniel Richman, who received classified information, illegally distributed it, impeded a federal investigation, and is therefore someone that Robert Mueller should have arrested already........and yet the Professor is still at large.

So now the question is besides all the Trump Haters that Mr. Mueller is hiring to destroy Donald Trump in this coup against the American People, the question is, is Robert Mueller handing out immunity to all the conspirators to keep them out of prison?

There is an oddity in the stories though which are appearing in the MSM, because in testimony it was inferred that James Comey turned the memo over to the Professor, not a copy.
Yet in this following chain of stories we first discover in Politico that the Professor has turned over COPIES. More than one.

Comey in turn is on the record stating in his collusion with Robert Mueller that he turned his COPIES over to Mueller, again meaning Robert Mueller was receiving stolen government property.


Comey associate says he turned over memos to the FBI

A friend of James Comey says he has turned over copies of the former FBI director's explosive memos 

 Comey himself said he turned over his copies to Mueller, but he said he'd be comfortable if Mueller or Richman shared them with Congress.

Next we have Comey confessing that he no longer has the memo, but had given the memo to Robert Mueller. This is the Washington Post with information that contradicts Politico in Comey had the memo, but turned the original over to Robert Mueller.
Like all things James Comey and Robert Mueller, there are always two versions, and both appear to be lies, because we have one memo with Professor Richman, one memo with James Comey, and one memo with Robert Mueller.

Washington Post

Comey friend says he is ‘turning over relevant’ documents to FBI

Comey testified that he himself no longer possessed the document, but he had given it to Special Counsel Robert Mueller, and Richman might still have a copy.

There is a bit of a problem in this though in the Congressional testimony record, where Comey stated he could not turn over the memo or copies, because he no longer had them.
The problem being that Comey in other areas stated he deleted the original memo (like Hillary Clinton mass deletions of material pertinent to a criminal investigation) , and yet we have one thing in common in the word COPIES keeps  appearing.
How many copies did James Comey print up? It appears in the above that Comey had to have given at least 3 copies to Richman, because Richman gave one to the New York Times (a crime), gave one to either Mueller (a crime) or the FBI who is covering up the crime, and in Comey knowing that Richman had handed over 2 copies, indicated that Richman might have a 3rd copy.

Young Conservatives

Comey Is Refusing To Turn Over Memo, Says He Deleted It

During testimony, Comey testified he felt he needed to take notes to protect himself in his conversations with President Donald Trump and then being so concerned about going on record with facts after a Trump tweet that he supposedly had his friend, Daniel Richman, leak the contents to the NY Times.
Problem? When the committee asked for the memo, Comey said he no longer had copies.
The committee was then required to request copies from the Richman. Here’s the relevant excerpt of the letter to Richman noting this.

So in all things James Comey, there is one answer saying one thing, another answer saying another thing, and it all reveals more questions, and that always means the first statements were absolute lies. It begins compounding though as more information is assembled.

There is a bit of a problem with the FBI, Robert Mueller or whoever is the deep state depository of Comey's magical memos, in before all of this broke the FBI has been stonewalling Congress over these Comey memos........which if you recall Comey confessed to DELETING as in DESTROYING Government property, and Government evidence that Congress had demanded, and that means James Comey is guilty of another felony.

Washington Examiner

FBI misses House committee's deadline for providing Comey's Trump memos

The FBI declined to hand over memos regarding former FBI Director James Comey's communications with President Trump to the House Oversight Committee Thursday, and said it needs more time to evaluate how the special counsel investigation into possible collusion between Trump's campaign and Russia affects the committee's request for information.
In a letter released Thursday, Assistant Director Gregory Brower, in the FBI's Office of Congressional Affairs, told committee chairman Rep. Jason Chaffetz the special counsel investigation means more "consultation" is needed before any documents are released.
"In light of this development and other considerations, we are undertaking appropriate consultation to ensure all relevant interests implicated by your request are properly evaluated," Brower wrote. "We will update this response as soon as possible."
Chaffetz's original deadline for the documents was May 24, one day before Brower responded.

So in review we know the following for certain:

James Comey tampered with evidence in an active investigation by deleting the document.

James Comey illegally distributed government property in an investigation.

Professor Richman illegally disseminated government property.

Robert Mueller illegally received stolen government property.

The FBI has more Comey memos which it is refusing to hand over to Congress.

Robert Mueller belongs under investigation for his part in this as much as James Comey, before a Federal Grand Jury. Robert Mueller is not above the law. Robert Mueller does not have the right to assemble a legal lynch mob to destroy the President or the United States. Robert Mueller does not belong at the head of this witch hunt, because he is either not arresting the criminals or he is protecting the criminals with immunity.

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