Friday, June 23, 2017

Department of Motherland Security

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Like all of you, I have never liked that creep Homeland thing that George W. Bush came up with. It sounds like something out of George Orwell and 1984. Having stewed on this rape of sensibilities for too long, the Lame Cherry hereby refuses to call that agency Homeland any more than these Red States which are Reagan Blue States, and only became red when that leftist prick Tim Russert decided to become color code police and change the Republican Blue to red.

From this point on, the Lame Cherry will only refer to Homeland as Motherland Security, as it was  God, Mom, Apple Pie and Hotdogs, not God and Homeland.

Motherland is much more fitting as Germany has the Fatherland, and America has been the Mother country as Russia has always been the Mother country. People readily rise up to defend Mom by instinct, while Homeland sounds like some shit for brains brainwashing from the Tavistock and Stanford which it is.

I know this is not a long post or a post that seems to matter, but it matters completely, as I am not going to be intimidated by Homeland any longer like your Home is going to send you to Gitmo. You would behave when your Mum told you too, so you will naturally behave for Motherland too, who is only there to protect you and kill everything that is not American.

So that is the nipple word, Motherland, the Department of the Mother Country, the United States of America. Motherland Security.

Nuff Said