Friday, June 23, 2017

The Lame Cherry Sun Tea Recipe

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

With the heat of summer upon us, I like drinking cold sun tea. The problem though is most tea I have tasted at like Subway, reminds one of what ran off of Luther's Boots.

This is the way I make sun tea and I am aware of all of the doomsday warnings against using hot tap water as of course lead is in it to whatever else the miserable primates have dreamed up to make life mirror their hateful existences.

Sun tea of course requires sun. I also like for this the robust American brand tea of Lipton. You do not want the weak English teas as it will be lost in the end product.

I begin with two Lipton tea bags, a gallon jar, prefer glass, and I start filling that jar with the hot water tap until full.

I then put in the bags, and place it on a hot metal surface where the sun can have it's energy collected. As I make sun tea late into the season, that means in the back of my pick up as the best solar oven I have. Four hours should have what looks like tea, and you do not have to wait from cold water to get that weak tea often brings starting out with a cold base.
Sitting on concrete is white background so it lacks thermal exchange except on very hot days, and wood is a non starter as that absorbs or released little heat.

Inside is simple. I transfer it to glass half gallon jars, with 4 TABLESPOONS of sugar. I want something I will enjoy like a soda, so the sugar goes in. If I find throw away fruit, lemon will go in, but otherwise this is a perfect tea, without that "off the leather boots" flavor you get in most fast food places or the weak as water you get from the brand name teas.

I love drinking soda, but unless it has sugar in it, it gets to be a problem for me........bothers me with sugar too, so tea is a good change.

I serve this in a metal glass, as metal holds ice tea better than a glass. Glasses need frosting and always heat up too fast. A metal glass is best.

Where I obtained my metal glasses was from canned salmon. I am careful so I do not slice my lip, but that is where my army green metal glasses all come from. I hate salmon patties, but the glasses I do like and tea always serves best that way.

That is the good glass of sun tea recipe in another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.