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Dexter Season 4 Inspired Ending

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I hate it when I am disappointed in writer who begins something brilliant, like God writes In the Beginning, and when you get to the Revelation, it would end with, Continued in Volume II, as God would never do something stupid like that and yet Victor Hugo did that in Les Miserables and I just finished watching Showtime's Dexter Season 4 and it was a stupid ending.

What Dexter is, is a serial murderer trained to kill only serial murders in being "good". He tries to blend in and is married to the judgmental  Rita, has two adopted kids Astor and Cody, and a baby he fathered.
In Season  4, John Lithgow appears as the Trinity Killer, an ok performance which swings from lackluster to terrifying.
As a spoiler alert, I will say what everyone knows, in Lithgow who plays Arthur, murders people in fours to mirror his family in his sister died of a cut artery, the mother suicided, Arthur killed his father, and then  Arthur kills little boys of the age he was when his sister died.

Dexter follows the guy to get close to see how to deal with being a serial murderer, and Arthur figures it out after too much drama, and in the end Dexter kills Arthur as Dexter always does. When Dexter comes home his wife and children were supposed to be sent away by him to protect them, and he phones her, but her phone rings in the house, and he finds her dead in the bathtub as Arthur has killed her, and the baby is bathed in blood as Dexter was as a child.
Disappointing, audience alienating and boring season finale.

Here is how it should have ended.

Dexter returns home failed. He can not find Arthur and steps on a toy and breaks it, and whispers it is like his broken life, and he repeats where the hell are you Arthur!!!

He picks up his phone, listens to a message from Rita his wife, and attempts to phone her, and hears the phone ringing in the house and goes to it.

"Where the hell are you Rita!!!!" and he begins searching through the house, and the baby starts crying and is covered with blood.

He hears weeping and looks up and hears, "Oh Dexter", and there sits Rita with a bloody butcher knife in her hand, and Arthur is dead on the floor with his head decapitated as Rita is covered in blood.

"Oh Dexter", she wails again and he hugs her, and she tells him that this man appeared when she returned home from missing the flight, and said he knew Dexter from the police force and was there to take her to the hospital, so she let him in.

It was then he went crazy and told her that they were going to get undressed or he was going to hurt the baby. She went along and broke free, he chased her into the kitchen where she grabbed a knife and hacked at Arthur in a struggle and broke free, he chased and caught her and she hacked him again and broke free, and then he went for the baby and said he would hurt the child if she did not do as he said........she approached him, and as she got close, she screamed "NO!!!" and slashes at Arthur again and cuts his head off.

The scene then switches to weeks later as Dexter's sister asks how Rita is doing, and he says, "She is really quiet and doesn't want to talk about it". Dexter watches Rita in the yard as the children play, and he approaches her, and sits by her, and she says, "Dexter we have to talk".

"Yes Rita anytime", he says.

Rita looks at him and says quietly," Dexter, Arthur".

"Yes", he says

"Dexter, I enjoyed it".

The camera catches the shocked expression on Dexter's face, and a slight glow on Rita's face, as the camera softly pans back to the family setting.
Darkness and light. I invested so much in hiding my dark stranger from Rita and now Rita's dark stranger has appeared. But is Rita's dark stranger any different than mine. She protected our child and enjoyed it and I kill the darkness and enjoy it too. She is confused and as I am confused. Her confusion comes from she can feel and my confusion comes in I do not feel. She trusted me with her secret and now I contemplate should I trust her with mine....

Now would that not be awesome in Rita the normal person, the good person, is someone who liked and felt empowered by killing her attacker, and leave Dexter with the real drama of does he trust his wife now to tell her about his dark stranger and what he really does or will she not understand, and now does Dexter have a new candidate he will someday have to kill to save society from Rita, or would Rita be a vigilante force for good.

This would simmer on the background constantly, and the writers could have Rita beginning to like knives, her looking at people she did not like while carving meat...........

See what a golden opportunity was lost in a dead story line, in this could have added several dimensions to Dexter, if the writers had simply become Inspired by God's Grace to a vista of writing a happy ending, instead of another Hollywood cliche unhappy ending.

Liberals are all this way in wanting to die and never committing suicide so they kill characters off. The one dimensional mind of the rich Hollywood elite.

Once again another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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