Wednesday, June 7, 2017

The Witch Hunt

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This requires an assessment.

“We’ve spent so much time on the Russian probe, that it is frustrating because we’re not getting other things done,” said Michele Woodhouse, an attendee from Raleigh.
Woodhouse doesn’t find Comey trustworthy, but said Mueller is someone who has earned bipartisan praise, and could free up Congress to turn back to issues like health care and the tax code. Asked if she could trust Mueller’s ultimate assessment, wherever he lands, she replied, “Absolutely. No matter what he says.”

Robert Mueller adores James Comey.

Robert Mueller allowed a pre Congressional testimony debriefing of James Comey whom Robert Mueller adores and makes special preparations for.

James Comey, hates, destests and loathes President Donald Trump.

James Comey "investigated" Donald Trump and his staff for 11 months on fake intelligence, and lied to Congress several times.

So this reality is understood..........

When you buy a ticket to a movie, do you go home or do you expect to go in and watch it?

When a cop stops you for a traffic violation, did he do it to uphold the law, or because it is expected of him, and he has a quota to fill mandated by his superiors?

So this reality is understood, Robert Mueller like every Special Counsel undertakes the job for their own prestige, not to uphold the law. They are biased and serve their political faction. They spend money like crack whores, expand investigations to include how moles on someones back can be interpreted as a new lead.
Robert Mueller is being paid to find something and to justify what he is spending in finding something.

Robert Mueller is there to justify his protege James Comey, not to find the Truth. In order to justify James Comey, it means to criminalize anyone associated with Donald Trump and the President himself.

It would be naive, ignorant and insane to expect an outcome different from Archibald Cox, Lawrence Walsh or Patrick Fitzgerald as every Special Counsel enters the cauldron claiming blind justice, but becomes a part instead of justice blinded to serve the petty dictator in each one of them.

Robert Mueller presided over the establishment of the Obama crimes in flipping 10 million votes to steal the 2008 election, the intimidation of Clinton and Black voters by Obama thugs, ACORN money laundering, terror funding of 300 million dollars to the Obama campaign, Al Franken stealing the senate seat of Norm Coleman in Minnesota and Obama admitting he was a dual citizen of England, so he was disqualified from being President.........and Robert Mueller turned a blind eye to that, and Gun Runner, Fast and Furious, the Fire Bomb terror attacks in America of 2009 and a host of other crimes.

.........and you trust Robert Mueller to do justice and uphold the law investigating innocent Trump staffers?

No wonder you do not donate, as you are too stupid to understand how to click on a donate button as you believe in Robert Mueller.