Monday, June 12, 2017

Did Robert Mueller give James Comey Immunity?

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When one is in law enforcement, as much as in civilian life, especially when a federal criminal investigation is being conducted, that it is mandatory when someone engages in unethical or criminal conduct, that it must be reported to law enforcement, or the person not reporting is in collusion with the actual crime.
This was the "taint" which President Richard Nixon faced impeachment and calls for his arrest, as he had absolutely nothing to do with the break in at the Watergate Hotel, but was drawn into the cover up.

Representative Louis Gohmert released a damning statement on the issue of fired FBI Director James Comey, meeting with Special Counsel Robert Mueller before the confession of crimes testimony which Comey unleashed before the United States Senate.
What has crossed my mind in this, is a reality of, did Robert Mueller without anyone knowing give James Comey complete immunity?  Was a deal worked out, so that Comey was provided immunity, and then every crime he confessed to before Congress could never be prosecuted, because Mueller was criminally covering for his protege James Comey.

No one has raised this issue of immunity, because Mueller is not a fool, nor is his cast of "get Trump" investigators ignorant of the law. James Comey coordinated with Mueller before the appearance before Congress, knew of the Comey statement and in all of this, we have not had one complaint filed at the FBI, demanding the arrest of James Comey, originating from Robert Mueller or his prosecutors as is required by law, or Mueller is guilty of collusion and an accessory after the fact.

As Louis Gohmert expressed in this public statement, and former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich is expressing the same reality of  the improper conduct of Robert Mueller and his hired prosecutors, there is more taking place in this Comey Mueller entourage than which meets the eye.

Other major issues have arisen from his testimony as well. The fact that Comey consulted with Robert Mueller and also is the source of the leak about the memo regarding the President with the express intent to manipulate the need for a Special Prosecutor creates troubling ethical and legal problems. The fact that he admitted Mueller was a person with whom he has so closely consulted raises the issue of the potential need to shut this tainted Special Prosecutor down now as a product of improper, if not illegal or criminal, manipulation. Former Speaker Newt Gingrich basically said the same thing this weekend on Fox News, and I emailed him to thank him.

The only conclusion which makes sense in this is Robert Mueller and these crooked "get Trump" entourage of prosecutors gave James Comey full immunity. By doing this, Robert Mueller and his entourage did not have to report any crimes, because Comey was provided immunity and thereby Mueller not only covered up the crimes of Comey, but was not mandated to report and prosecute them of his former protege.

It is time for Rod Rosenstein to recuse himself and face a public review at Justice over his hiring of Robert Mueller defying Congress and the President in appointing a Special Counsel. It is time Attorney General Jeff Sessions to appoint a US Attorney Tribunal to review the actions of Robert Mueller, his entourage and the entire collusion with James Comey, before a Grand Jury review to get to the bottom of this, as there is only one possible conclusion in this and that is Robert Mueller gave full immunity to the crooked James Comey to protect his protege from prosecution, as a further enigma in this fake intelligence coup against President Donald Trump.

The President should not be lured into firing Mueller as he is being baited into by the coup plotter in the inner circle. The President must order Attorney General Jeff Sessions to convene a panel of US Attorneys to review the collusion between Robert Mueller and James Comey for full prosecution. It is a fact now that Robert Mueller is guilty for not reporting federal crimes he was aware of in coordinating with James Comey. What requires investigation in this is, did Robert Mueller engage in an abuse of power in tampering with a federal investigation by handing James Comey immunity to everything he confessed in order to protect Comey and the deep state that Comey has been engaged in for over a year in setting up a blackmail scheme against Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

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