Friday, June 30, 2017

I think the IQ Test needs an IQ Test

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I came across these well known people's IQ statistics and as I read them, I began to think that the machine was broken as Old IQ from like the Black Death period and New IQ in Great Tribulation period is like not the same test.

I just do not think that a degree in phy ed and acting really is a degree or words is a degree.

Arnold Schwarzenegger – IQ 135

OK so the guy who ruined California, f*cked up his marriage and destroyed Celebrity Apprentice is intelligent?


Geena Davis – IQ 140

She couldn't stay married to Jeff Goldblum, but that should not have anything to do with IQ.

Tyra Banks – IQ 120

Not on a good day and with Mr. Mo the chimp from Wild Kingdom is she turning out 120.

Mayim Bialik – IQ 163

This is the ugly chick on Big Bang who can't get paid the same as her fag sex partner on screen?


Dave Duchovny – IQ 147

X Files and Californication, obviously his career proves something is wrong with the modern IQ test.

Madonna – IQ 140

Need I say more? Replaced by Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus, two inbreeds who modeled themselves after Cher.


Shaquille O’Neil – IQ 101

Ok if you shave off 50 points this one I will believe.


Stephen Hawking – IQ 160

The genius who says God does not exist, but can not invent a body so he does not have to sit in a chair and have a computer natter on for him.

Quentin Tarantino – IQ 160

Proof something is wrong with this test as he let Mira Sorvino go.

Ashton Kutcher – IQ 160

Seems like that 160 number shows up a lot for social retards.


Nicole Kidman – IQ 132

Not going to pick on Nic. She was decent about Trump.

Tommy Lee Jones – IQ 135

I think there is something wrong with the Harvard IQ scores running high.


Sylvester Stallone – IQ 160

160 again, maybe it has to do with starring in or watching lots of porn.


Natalie Portman – IQ 140

Isn't she the liberal who had her tits out in that Hillary Clinton photo.


Meryl Streep – IQ 143

Meryl must have found the bonus section for people who can mimic Julia Childs getting 140 extra points.



Anderson Cooper – IQ 123

No idea if getting gay thumped in the head lowered the score.


Kevin Spacey – IQ 137

Did not seem to gaytard the Space, but maybe he doesn't tea bag like Cooper and it is oxygen deprived condition that brings on the gaytard.


Jodie Foster – IQ 132 

See maybe it does have something to do with where you put your head during sex.

Robin Williams – IQ 140

See it is where you put your head during sex.....


 Bill Clinton – IQ 137

 Or having syphilis and treating it with a bag of coke up the nose each day


Ron Jeremy – IQ 130

Yup compliment when you tell Ron he thinks with his brains.


Al Gore – IQ 134

Then again maybe it's congenital

Bill Gates – IQ 160

I really think that 160 slot is wore in so it goes to everyone who pays for the Scrib notes.


Dolph Lundgren – IQ 160

See what I mean about that worn slot.






Conan O’Brien – IQ 160

Need I say more about that worn slot. But I like Conan, I would give him 160 just for being Conan.


Steve Martin – IQ 142

Someone who is friends with David Letterman  and can not keep a wife like Victoria Tenent or whatever her poodle name is, does not have a 142 IQ.

Matt Damon – IQ 160

I mean this dude is like the Pele of Afflecktard.


Brad Pitt – IQ 126

His BO rating in stink bomb is probably 126. I mean he married Jolie......monkeys even run from her.


Kate Beckinsale – IQ 160

Kate make a nice vampira, but there is that 160 again. IQ tabulators must get more blows than Ron Jeremy.

Hillary Clinton – IQ 140

140 IQ and not smart enough to run from Bill Clinton, beat Obama, beat Trump, and all she can do is hoover Huma so Anthony Wiener beating off gets all of them into trouble.


Charles Darwin – IQ 165

Relative of mine who saw things and jumped to erroneous conclusions, but on his death bed saw the Light. See the old IQ actually measured IQ.


Leonardo da Vinci – IQ 220

 See what I mean on the old IQ.

James Woods – IQ 180

Woods must have gotten the old IQ test.



Michelle Obama – IQ 115

Yeah I believe this score was Affirmative Action Bell curve in a 30 point handicap for Chicago shemales where lead paint was a food group.


Barack Obama – IQ 130

An IQ of 130 must have been the foreign student aid program test where peeling bananas is the first 27 pages of the test.

Bruce and Not Testicle Bruce Jenner IQ 115

Unless it is the shemale score like Lurch Obama.

Vladimir Putin 134

The Russian version must be like uber harder than the American Affirmative Action one. 


George W. Bush – IQ 125

I mean dude must have had Jeb counting his toes for him and Barbara slipping the test master a little hoover tongue.


Donald Trump – IQ 156

Obviously Mr. Trump was taking the DaVinci test that his German father located especially for his son.


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