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It is time for Justice for LaVoy Finicum

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In cleaning out my files, and matched with setting the time line for Donald Trump to be President, there is a story which the Lame Cherry neglected to post. In the light though of Robert Mueller being appointed to go after President Trump, and James Comey involved in a criminal plot against President Trump by Comey's own confessions with other fired Justice Department traitors, there is required in this a revisitation of Special Agent Gregory Bretzing, who coordinated and oversaw the murder of LaVoy Finicum, and has been railroading the Bundy group as political prisoners into life sentence imprisonment, as a warning to other Americans to shut up.  

The following is the actual official Police diagram and findings in the crime scene of where LaVoy Finicum was murdered.
If you need a refresher on this, there is in this official record the finding that numerous law enforcement were around the Finicum body, and that his belongings were tossed out on the snow, as his clothing was rifled.

This is the investigative crime scene  and to make this easy, I red lined the pertinent fact.

To refresh your memories in this event, you will recall that the FBI and their trolls on media who cheered the death of Mr. Finicum, stated that Finicum reached for a gun. If you recall it was in his wasteband in the video as proof of his guilt and the innocense of those who fired at Mr. Finicum.

As the official finding of the FBI was that Mr. Finicum was reaching for his lower extremity hip region, then how in this world did a 9 mm pistol end up in his LEFT FRONT BREAST POCKET.

The question for you to answer is, if you had a gun on your upper chest, then why would you be reaching for your hip?

The conclusion is that Mr. Finicum was not reaching for a weapon, or he might have been confused in he did this by reaction. As he did not ever produce a firearm, his memory certainly would have been clear in remembering he did not have a gun on his hip, and he would have then reached for his breast pocket, if he was attempting to draw fire or enter a gun fight.

One has to return to the official FBI media in Finicum was reaching for a gun on his hip, and therefore this was the reason law enforcement opened up on Mr. Finicum. A Mr. Finicum who had his hands raised in surrender, even to his death.
As Mr. Finicum never attempted to produce the weapon in his left breast pocket, it is the conclusion that he was foundering around in the deep snow, and to gain balance his hands dropped. He never was reaching for a gun, but as we must rely on the FBI account as the official account, it concludes that the gun was not anywhere near where the FBI stated, and in fact Mr. Finicum was surrendering, moving away from his vehicle which had been shot at in order to protect the women inside, and that concludes that the FBI conducted a primer shooting, in which they intended by firing to induce the Oregon State Police to fire at Mr. Finicum to murder him.
If one observes the coroner's report, this is listed a homicide, meaning a murder.

If one reviews the scenario of that day, the FBI set up an operation to flush Mr. Finicum, into a kill zone, and opened up on him. When Mr. Finicum exited his stuck vehicle, it was then the FBI agents on scene began firing at him and the occupants of the pick up.
This is a telling point in those agents have yet to be dealt with in this investigation, for they tampered with a crime scene and picked up their empty cases in a cover up, which is a major crime.
This was all overseen by Director James Comey, and no one is making him answer of the cover up in this monumental crime in protecting rogue agents in the FBI.

We know for certain according to official Oregon State Police reports that Mr. Finicum did not have a gun on his waist region. A gun though was found in his breast pocket. That concludes that Mr. Finicum was not reaching for a gun. It then brings the damning question of how long it was required for the crime scene investigators to appear at the murder scene, if someone having an "Oh Shit!!!" moment decided to plant a gun from the refuge on Mr. Finicum to make it a "righteous shooting".

This is a black and white damning situation. LaVoy Finicum was absolutely not reaching for a gun as to the FBI scenario. As he did not have a gun on his waist band, that infers he did not have a gun in his breast pocket, as Mr. Finicum appears to have deliberately as all the occupants disarmed themselves to meet with the Sheriff.
That again infers that someone planted a gun on Mr. Finicum.

In review of this case, the investigative unit of Oregon State Police was superb. They are the ones who immediately discovered something was not adding up to what the FBI was telling them on the record. While the OSP officers on scene appear to have been goaded into opening fire by the FBI as scapegoats, their debriefing point to them being honest in their reports of their shooting. That is what alerted the investigators that the FBI was lying to them.

We know for certain that evidence was removed by the FBI agents under Gregory Bretzing. We know that a cover up was conducted. We know that James Comey did not fire nor remove Mr. Bretzing for this criminal fiasco. In knowing those facts, there is a conclusion that when evidence was removed and destroyed, that evidence was planted, because we know for certain that the FBI manipulated the crime scene in order to point the finger at Oregon State Police.
In this, Special Agent Gregory Bretzing released a time line, which was much shorter than the official findings.

We have yet to discover who the mystery snipers were at the scene, reported to have emerged from the woods. It points to a Delta Force on scene which is a criminal violation, and again this falls to Gregory Bretzing who would have had to have James Comey sign off on this deployment of military to be used against American Civilians.

This official investigative report which is over a year old blew the FBI's propaganda in smearing LaVoy Finicum away. It has been known and no one has reported on that damning detail of where this mystery gun was found on the corpse.

Again for those who understand crime scene investigations, all firearms are secured immediately. They are not left on the body in the assumption some dead criminal will revive and start shooting officers.

As on returns to the diagram, the investigators noted that someone was throwing LaVoy Finicums personal objects in his hat, writing paper, pen, cell phone, reading glasses some distance from the body as if looking for something.
The search appears frantic and it was so intense that a bullet that had been in Mr. Finicum's body rolled out onto the snow, next to the body.
Yet that 9 mm was still in the front breast pocket, to be found there by investigators, which broke all protocols.

That concludes there was a panic on the scene in the group there knew that there was going to be a massive problem in an unarmed LaVoy Finicum. Again the official police reports from Oregon State Police, indicate that none of the shooting officers approached the body. That is was other officers, as the shooters were distancing themselves from the actions of taking a life.

What then appears is the FBI huddled and knew they had started a firefight with an unarmed Citizen. The FBI then began it's cover up in tampering with the crime scene. In this, there was an intense search of the Finicum corpse, after he had been left for some time to bleed out in the snow in no one checking on his condition, as his personal possessions were throwng from the body. Yet the undrawn and not reached for 9 mm was in his breast pocket. An investigator would conclude in that, that the firearm was planted on the body as it violated protocols of securing weapons, as there was a panic and those involved in this cover up, were not processing correctly and moved to the obvious conclusion.

In review of this, the investigators did a professional job. They noted evidence but not conclusions, which the prosecutors should have been aware of. The Oregon State Police performed as ordered, as they are trained to shoot Americans like all Law Enforcement is trained on the Israeli Defense Mode in using lethal force.

The problem returns to a rogue group which James Comey signed off on and protected, and that is the issue in this, as this has never been vetted or reviewed, as the trolls were sent out to smear LaVoy Finicum and shout down any examination of this case.

Any proper Justice Department official knowing that the FBI tampered with a crime scene, and viewing the evidence of strewn objects, but a gun is left on a corpse, which was supposed to be on the victim's waist band, would have red alerts going off like the 4th of July and be referred to an Internal Affairs investigation.

The last we have heard of this was in April of 2016, where this was all cloaked from public view and has left America in limbo, as Justice is not being administered.

Grand Jury Considers FBI's Use Of Force In LaVoy Finicum ...

Grand Jury Considers FBI's Use ... officer-involved shooting of Robert "LaVoy" Finicum. FBI. ... force in the Finicum shooting and whether there was a cover-up. ...

All of this information was  sealed from the public by image Obama, Attorney General Loretta Lynch and James Comey.

In a motion to keep reports sealed, Assistant U.S. Attorney Charles Gorder wrote Thursday that matters before a grand jury are protected from disclosure rules.

Americans deserve a proper investigation by a Special Counsel, and this should be led by Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who Americans trust with David Clarke of Homeland presiding. This investigation belongs before the American People in Congress, as this was a real crime, and not the Comey Clapper fake intelligence of Russian hacking.

It is time for Justice for LaVoy Finicum. Attorney General Jeff Sessions appoint a Special Counsel.

It is time.

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