Saturday, June 10, 2017

Thank You Adam West

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The Lame Cherry offers up it's sincere condolences to the family of Adam West, the legendary Batman, but invests this blog in thanks and praise for Mr. West.

For myself, there will always only be one Batman, and that is Adam West, in his patriotic, wholesome and genuine good nature portrayed by Adam West, who was a brilliant actor in that starring role, he was born for.
I have nothing but contempt for the last phase batman's which are all disgustingly dark, have no humor, and teach absolutely nothing in their blackness.

Adam West as Bruce Wayne was American Virtue. Here was a wealthy man, who took it upon himself to invest his fortune and himself in protecting the public from criminals, in his blue costume and can do actions. The later batman's were all psychotic, shattered creatures, brooding in a sociopathic nature, as they were meant to make society as dark as the CIA globalists intended.

What pleases me is Adam West in dying at 88, was able to embrace the character he brought to life, as he was not cast for other characters. He was able to be loved by the millions of fans who adored him and his wholesome character who always conducted himself the right moral way.
It has always mystified me how writers like Josh Wheedon create characters and once they are rich, kill them off and the series in contempt that people love the script more than them. It saddens me that someone as complete as Tina Louise, detested her being stuck on Gilligan's Island when fans loved her. She thought she was being cut out of big Meryl Streep roles, but the fact is children will be mesmerized by Tina Louise a generation from now and Meryl Streep will be forgotten.

That is the thing in these actors like Adam West or Alan Hale, the Skipper from Gilligan's Island. They recognized the devotion the fans had to them, because they touched them in their most intimate spot and gave them joy, and those people just wanted to gush all that love back on the people who made them feel good in a bad world.
The Skipper used to wear his skipper hat in public to be recognized, as he strolled with his wife, and fans would swamp him, he would laugh his big laugh and give these children now adults the innocence which they longed for.

That is who Adam West was and is. He was a secure man who never tore down the monumental role he defined and created. He will be cherished and remembered like John Wayne a generation from now, while the Michael Keaton's, George Clooney's and Christian Bales are forgotten like the other Tom Hanks of the era, because none of them were genuine in giving back to the public that special connection which Adam West thrilled so many at.
One of the greatest cinematic crimes in history is not casting Adam West and the original Batman villains in the movies, in starring rolls and cameos, because none of them including Jack Nicholson and Jim Carey ever compared to those original genius performers. 

I just read about Burt Ward, who portrayed Robin, noting that West read his lines slow to take up air time from the other characters, but in that West was perfect, because in his slow measured cadence, it enhanced the Boy Wonder's epiphanies even more. It was the perfect mix of sounds to go with the POW, BAM and KERPLUNK of this genius series.

My favorite gimmick on the program was the perpetual climbing up a building, which was just the camera turned on it's side, as the Dynanmic Duo would plod along, talking and then speaking to people in their apartments. This was 1960 and that was the kind of innovation  that people had to create then and it produced one of the most enduring masterpieces of cinema.

I must prefer watching the 1970's CBS creations of Wonder Woman, the Incredible Hulk and Spider Man. They were wholesome and genuine and that came from the mould which Adam West laid. I can not remember the actor who portrayed the original Spider Man, but he was a genius as he actually looked like a spider in action on that same Batman flat screen set of crawling up buildings. That is all lost in the inadequate Tarzan swooping spider man of the modern era which has destroyed all the fun.

The West family will mourn and miss their beloved father, grandfather and great grandfather, but I hope it helps them to know millions of others miss Adam West too in all he was, and just like the college kids of the 1960's rushing home at night to watch Batman, there are still people who stop and watch Adam West and are so delighted and feel so good inside to be safe in Adam West's virtue as Bruce Wayne, in the same bat time, same bat channel and same bat station.

Thank you Adam West.


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