Saturday, June 10, 2017

la fée verte


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

So you want to play with the adults.

You start with poison, well poison to tape worms, as what is a good drinking game without tape worm poison.

So you get yourself a gallon of vodka, and you get yourself a food processor as finding a 19th century French chef blows as they are like 280 years old and probably would be senile.

In the herb blender, you throw in Green Anise, Grande Wormwood, Petite Wormwood, Sweet Fennel and chop it up like cow fodder and throw it into the vodka.

Then you put in melissa, hyssop, star anise, angelica, peppermint, coriander and veronica. Hand full if you have a small hand. Big hand, you should have got the petite French chef as Julia Child's man hands blow in making Absinthe.

So you like leave this in a cellar, with spiders, smells of mold and feels like you are taking a cold shower on a 4th of July day when you are down there, if it is not the poisonous spider bites.

So you have to wait a year as this drinking game is not like pull the hand grenade pin and see which Muslim can put in the pin before it blows.

So you waited a year, and you used a silk pair of panties to strain the concoction into a clear bottle as this is the color of bile puked up or cow cud on a summer pasture.

I digress.

So you have this pretty green stuff and you are now ready to drink it........not the French way or the Bohemian way as that blows. I mean like they start out with white grape brandy and who wants to waste cognac on this. Best to go with the potato whisky as who can get sugar beets distilled now.

OK get a slotted spoon, best to get one that looks religious or German or silver in case the werewolves show up, as werewolves always show up with tape worms.

First you pour in two shots of the green stuff over a sugar cube on the slot spoon, and soaking it in.

Then you get light a match and light the cube up, and let it caramelize which the French Chef would say, but you would say, that is burnt shit. When it looks like more charcoal than you like for coal, you blow it out or dump slush ice over it to put the flame out.
Put it all together and give it work over until you get the sugar cube whatevered.

You will get something that looks like that German gun cleaner which gets milky when you add water, and is both an antiseptic, food product and gun cleaner. This though the French used to administer for Malaria, but there is not much game in that shivering and hallucinating.
Oh by the way if you want to hallucinate, and have a charge for drinking human poison, you could do like the profiteers did in using wood alcohol, add copper salts and oil of wormwood, and that will drive you bat shit crazy or make you into a great European artist.

Any way the game is called Nuclear Codes. You get like the nuclear football, and take shots every time you don't enter the right numbers to launch a nuclear strike. Most fun to play this in Germany, as something about the scent of evergreen in the crispy air of a wet snow.

Think that about takes care of it.