Friday, June 9, 2017

Liar Liar Comey on Fire

Someday Jimmy, you are going to get your own police pics

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I remember when Donald Trump told Rand Paul in one debate, "You're not having a very good night are you", and Paul shrunk away, in relation to how James Comey is really have a very bad month as he began the period being fired and ended it before Congress confessing to at least two major felonies, accusing the President of being a liar, Attorney General Loretta Lynch of covering up an investigation and Attorney General Jeff Sessions of colluding with Russia in "closed Senate hearings" LEAKED TO THE BRITISH PRESS, in which Sessions apparently ate a ham sandwich on Russian rye as the high crime connection to Russia.

In response, Sessions called Comey a liar, Loretta Lynch called Comey a liar, and President Trump said that he was telling the Truth and what Comey was talking about was........well Comeytalk.


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It appears that the leaker of the Comey memo, which is felony, because it was Government intelligence sponsored on an  FBI system has gone into hiding. Comey is now guilty of a host of crimes which he is looking at around 30 years in federal prison, plus fines.
What is amazing in this, is this follows exactly what the Lame Cherry stated in James Comey is the Frank Burns of this fake investigation. Comey enters a room and creates his own scenario of how he is pristine and the 20 other people in the room, have absolutely no recollection of this cowering coward hiding behind his laptop.

Things really are going bad for a coup, when you have that puss Jeb Bush now backing Donald Trump. You know that means Jeb is worried that the entire Bush family is about to be implicated, starting with that Pissgate file, and are going to prison with Comey. There are so many traitors involved in this, that Gitmo will have to build an entire Coup Plotter Wing..........unless of course America does the right thing and starts hanging them a dozen at a time, because this is treason after all.

In questioning at the Rose Garden, ABC's worst in questioning amounted to Comey said Trump said, in trying to provide cover for this fiasco the MSM in fake news, but the problem is not that, because James Comey has been a part of accusing numbers of people of unethical and illegal activity, and now his entire credibility is shot. The New York Times and Washington Post were printing this garbage based on these Comey type leakers who were expected to be telling the truth, but now we find out that when Comey's lips are moving it is a sign he is lying.

Frankly, I advocate for Attorney General Jeff Sessions to appeal to a Judge to get a protective custody order for James Comey, as a man that unbalanced in having to face he is not a saint and being abandoned by the media, might hurt himself. James Comey really needs a psychological evaluation and to be monitored to ascertain what his mental stability is, because a man waking up a few weeks ago screaming THERE ARE TAPES, is a man who might realize that the Comey version being proved flat ass wrong at every turn, will mean that if there are tapes, James Comey is going to be crucified and his entire legend of himself will be obliterated.

I frankly was amazed yesterday at the saps of Senator Warren and Burr as Committee heads, praising Comey. Comey has perjured himself several times before Congress, just was fired, and just unleashed a diatribe confession of  Comey crimes, and these idiot politicians were defending this lunatic.
Can you imagine the political hay that their opponents are going to raise come primary time, and James Comey has been indicted and convicted?
And what about Special Counsel Robert Mueller or that glowing sap in that fired US Attorney out of New York who was seated behind Comey in the Senate hearing? Mueller has been tainted by Comey. Comey meet with Mueller before the testimony, so KNEW that Comey was confessing to crimes and Mueller did NOT REPORT THOSE CRIMES. As for that fired US Attorney, his mere presence points to a conspiracy of ex regime employees coordinating in a coup attempt to bring down the President. Those that the kinds of associations that once Justice gets it's feet under it, it is going to be rolling all of these colluders up and all they will have left are babbling denials and pulling pages out from their magical diaries.

James Comey is tainted. All he has touched has been tainted. All who have professed how wonderful he is are tainted. James Comey is a pariah and there will be no end to the Comey links which will bring people down who thought they had their crimes covered up from the murder of LaVoy Finicum to whatever else Comey did not prosecute in Fast and Furious.

In forensic psychology it seems impossible that people did not know what Comey was in being a chameleon psychology, in he mimicked those around him, so they always thought he was confirming all they said. In many ways he was the image of Barry Soetoro Obama who relied on the same psychological ploy. Comey did exceedingly well among the vane elite, until he started talking and reciting his off balanced memories of what took place in a conversation or meeting.

After this not so good month for James Comey, it is a reality that he belongs in prison. Now whether it is a prison for the criminally insane or a prison criminally Martha Stewart we will not know until a Bethesda psych evaluation is conducted by Justice Department order.

Sort of an interesting way to end this in, I wonder if Martha Stewart who Comey prosecuted as his notch on the way up, goes out and picks up her white, blue and brown eggs from her laying hens and smiles as she puts them into the basket and says to the chickens, "One day closer my pretties until we put that bastard Comey into a cage like he put us."

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