Friday, June 2, 2017

Macron the Clever French Male

Clever Macron: Make the Planet Great Again


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

By now the world has been held spellbound by the clever Macron in response to President Donald Trump saving America from the Paris Accords, the clever Macron stated like other clever people to "make our planet great again", as another horrible violation of all that is French.

The Lame Cherry took it upon itself to find other Macron's across the globe, so all of us could be steeped in the brilliance of all of this clever Macron genius, as it certainly must be part of that name Macron.

In Africa, we found Bobo the chimp, who stated in his meme was inspired by the clever French President.

Clever Macron the Chimp Bobo: Make Turd Dates Great Again

Yes we can always use more primates picking turds off their ass fur and tossing them like soccer balls.

Next we were contacted by Otis the Lemur of Madagascar, who stated that he too was in a pedophile relationship like the French leader, and was inspired with this witty meme.

Clever Macron the Lemur: Eek ak agh wah eek eek ssss shhhh

We could not find anyone who spoke Lemur, but everyone assured the Lame Cherry that it was quite brilliant as Macron's brilliance and all would be greatly impressed by it and not be distracted that Macron the French male looks a great deal like Macron the witty Lemur.

Next we contacted the Guenons, as one can always be impressed with Guenon memes and not surprisingly the Guenon informed us, that this primate group has numerous primates who look just like the primate Macron and the loser who looked most like Macron the primate uttered this meme.

 Make Guenon great again, make Macron change his name to Bobo

Finally we were contacted by the most notable modern French mind, growing outside Calais for the summer in a garden in Macron the Cabbage, Late Flat Dutch type, who offered this meme.


Clever Macron the Cabbage, Can someone make France Great Again?

In online polling, the favorite choice in the Make Great Again Meme's was Macron the Cabbage with a majority of the commentary versed along the thought process of, "Russian invasion slaughtering the French will make France Great Again, when President Donald Trump keeps America out of the war, due to Merkel and Macron attacks upon the Americans."
Numbers of vegetables also noted that all of the dead rotting French would make a nice natural fertilizer. This was particularly noted among among the Macron Cantaloupe.

One always has to defer to the cabbage mind on genetic policy, although the voting did favor the Guenon, then the Lemur and then Bobo the turd tosser, with the reality that Macron the French male primate did not receive any votes at all for his cleverness.

We conclude this expose' dealing with the Macron cleverness across the planet.

Laissez tous les Européens comprendre cela, les Américains l'ont eu avec votre démarrage pompeux des guerres mondiales. Les Américains préfèrent ce que Adolf Hitler a déclaré si les Allemands ne pouvaient pas vaincre le Russe, alors la Russie était la race maîtresse d'Europe et devait dominer.
Les Américains détestaient les Français et les Allemands qui se déplaçaient, et lorsque la Russie viendrait pour vous, vous allez endormir dans les rues, parce que l'Amérique ne vous sauvera pas en mourant pour la pomperie de l'Europe.

Lassen Sie jeder Europäer das verstehen, die Amerikaner haben es mit Ihrem pompösen Beginn der globalen Kriege gehabt. Die Amerikaner begünstigen, was Adolf Hitler sagte, wenn die Deutschen den Russen nicht besiegen könnten, dann war der Russe das Meisterrennen Europas und sollte dominieren.
Amerikaner verabscheuen die rückläufigen Franzosen und Deutschen, und wenn Rußland für dich kommt, wirst du in den Straßen verrotten, denn Amerika wird dich nicht retten, indem du für den pompösen Müll Europas wieder stirbst.

Пусть каждый европейский это понимает, у американцев это было с вашим помпезным началом глобальных войн. Американцы одобряют то, что заявил Адольф Гитлер, если немцы не смогли победить русских, тогда русский был главной гонкой Европы и должен доминировать.
Американцы ненавидят отступление французов и немцев, и когда Россия придет за тобой, вы будете гнить на улицах, потому что Америка не собирается спасать вас, снова умирая за напыщенный мусор Европы.